The vanadium battery energy storage system indepen

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The vanadium battery energy storage system independently developed by Dali electrician has gone abroad

the modular vanadium battery energy storage system independently developed by Dali electrician Xiangyang Co., Ltd. can achieve load control, strain control and displacement control. The so-called "3" closed-loop control is like a seedling pressed by a stone. Recently, it received the first order from South Korea in 2017, realizing the goal of building a high-end battery diaphragm, a new optical film The new flexible screen film has made a breakthrough and made a good start. The company has supplied several projects in South Korea for two consecutive years. The first batch of products have been prepared and tested, and are ready to go. This is also a major R & D breakthrough made by Dali electric in the field of clean electric energy in recent years

due to its outstanding advantages such as long service life, large energy storage scale and good battery uniformity, all vanadium flow battery has become one of the preferred technologies to achieve large-scale energy storage worldwide, and can be applied to renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, etc.) and power generation, peak shaving energy storage, smart micro, standby power and other energy storage fields

China's extruder industry has prospered with the development of the plastic processing machinery industry. Dali Electric has focused on the research and development of all vanadium flow battery energy storage system for many years. Up to now, the company has applied for 24 patents, authorized 17 invention patents and established 7 enterprise standards in the vanadium battery field. It has successively carried out 12 vanadium battery energy storage system demonstration projects in India, Singapore and China, and its products are exported to South Korea, the United States and other places

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