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Imperx company launched a new ntsc/pal/rs170 acquisition card

on December 11, 2009, imperx company of the United States launched a new ntsc/pal/rs170 acquisition card - VCE express. Based on the above new aluminum alloy invention patents published by the international PCT organization and authorized by the European Patent Office, the hub card is configured with a plug and play expresscard/54 interface, which supports the input of composite signals or S-Video analog signals, and can complete the real-time and full frame rate acquisition of NTSC, pal and rs170 format data. Fully configured software suite, including drivers, applications and SDK packages. At the same time, it supports 32/64bit windows 5. reduce the impact of injection molding process adjustment. 7/XP/Vista, DirectX, LabVIEW and MATLAB drive the general technical conditions of surface type fire retardant coatings GB 12441 ⑴ 998. It is backward compatible with the existing VCE - Pro software without any modification or recompilation. VCE express is suitable for the most demanding portable vision systems. Applications include military, aviation, medical, machine vision and its, and so on

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hardware features

· input: support standard NTSC, pal, SECAM or rs170 analog data

· slot: PCI Express x1

· output format includes 16 bit YCrCb 4:2, 16 bit YCrCb 4:4:4 or 24 bit rgb

functional features

· color control: brightness, contrast Saturation, etc.

· color space conversion

· user-defined query table RGB lookup table

· DMA transmission mode, without system management, reduces CPU utilization

· hexadecimal point-by-point color component display

· can output raw, BMP, tiff or JPEG format images and avi video

· external trigger function

· use expresscard/54 standard, Provide 2.5 Gbps bandwidth

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