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In 2004, beiren No.2 printing press reached a record high

beiren No.2 printing press, with the strong support of the leaders of beiren group company, and under the leadership of the new leading group headed by pangliandong, the executive deputy general manager of beiren group company and the director of No.2 factory recently, resolutely implemented the strategic policy of beiren group company, and through the joint efforts of all employees, achieved a sales target of 30million, and fought a beautiful turnaround

in the past year, through the baptism of corporate culture, the mental outlook of all employees of beiren second printing press has changed profoundly, and all economic indicators are good in previous years. In 2004, the domestic sales volume of beiren second printing machine increased by 67% over 2003; Export increased by 328% over 2003; The brand awareness of all staff has been significantly enhanced; The sharp decline in production costs has laid a solid foundation for the early realization of leapfrog development and accumulated valuable experience

accelerate the development of new products and the improvement of old products and quickly occupy the market. In order to adjust the product structure and meet the market demand, beiren second printing machine has achieved a complete success in the trial production of BR624 four-way four-color machine after several months of unremitting efforts. The first product sold was praised by users as "printing products can be comparable with imported machines". After that, all seven four-color machines were ordered, and the current order is scheduled to February 2005

in order to pursue the perfection of products, beiren second printing press has completed more than 400 design improvements involving multiple products, and carried out a number of technical breakthroughs and rationalization suggestions, providing guarantee for the stability and reliability of product quality. BR624 quarto four-color machine and br622 quarto two-color machine have passed the company level and ministerial level high-tech achievement appraisal respectively. Br622 quarto two-color machine has passed CE certification. It has laid a foundation for rapid development of domestic and foreign markets

recently, the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the development of beiren second printing press has also been finalized. The sales target in 2010 is to reach 200 million. All employees of beiren second printing press are determined to continue to work hard for the early realization of leapfrog development

the sales revenue of Hunan publishing industry in 2004 was 7billion yuan

in 2004, the publishing, copyright and industry in Hunan Province maintained a sustained, healthy and steady development. The publishing industry in the province achieved a sales revenue of 7billion yuan and a total profit of 412 million yuan, of which Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group achieved a sales revenue of 5billion yuan and a profit of 230million yuan. A total of 3909 books were published by 12 book publishing houses in the province, with a year-on-year increase of 5.2. At that time, it was the first time to produce 2% caprolactam with the support of Bayer company and the equipment in the port area. This was learned at the provincial publishing and copyright work conference held today. Xie Kangsheng, deputy secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, and Jiang Jianguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Minister of publicity, attended and addressed the meeting. Vice governor xuyunzhao also attended the meeting

Xie Kangsheng chose industrial control computers instead and said at the meeting that Hunan Province made great achievements in publishing and copyright work last year. This year, we should further strengthen the guidance management and legal supervision. In terms of market supervision, we should continue to carry out the work of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications", implement the special treatment of the printing and reproduction industry, and crack down on infringement and piracy in accordance with the law. "On the one hand, we should strengthen the guidance management and legal supervision, on the other hand, we should speed up the development of the publishing industry and promote the prosperity of the publishing industry in Hunan Province through deepening reform." Xie Kangsheng said

Xiekangsheng stressed that in practical work, we should strengthen the management of both mainstream media and tabloids; We should not only strengthen the management of media, but also strengthen the management of periodicals, especially social periodicals; We should not only focus on the mainstream, but also on diversification, so as to promote the prosperity of the publishing industry

Jiang Jianguo put forward specific requirements for the management of periodicals in his speech: the Party committee of the host unit should take responsibility and clarify its own leading ideology no matter what periodicals; No periodical can charge the page fee; In the use of manuscripts, we should have our own team of authors, not send human manuscripts, and strictly implement the three review system for manuscripts. In promoting prosperity, we should focus on key projects and promote more high-quality products. "Some books are not for readers, but for authors". The publishing industry should pay attention to weak links and produce more good books that the masses can afford, understand and use

it is understood that Hunan will actively and steadily promote the reform of the publishing system this year. The reform is generally divided into three categories: publishing houses other than those with strong social public welfare, such as the people's society, science and technology, competitive sports, music and art, life and leisure, and other newspapers and periodicals will be transformed into enterprises; For party newspapers, Party journals and publishing houses with strong social public welfare, they will implement the separation of publicity and management on the premise of scientific division of publicity business and management business; Publishing, distribution and printing enterprises will go further, but it will be easy to establish a modern enterprise system, so that publishing enterprises can truly become a new market main body that operates independently, assumes sole responsibility for its own profits and losses, self-development and self-discipline

Hunan will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation this year to "eradicate pornography and illegal publications", effectively regulate the order of the printing and reproduction market, and continue to vigorously promote the legalization of government software. Governments below the provincial level and their departments should complete the legalization of software by the end of the year

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