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Huawei and IHS jointly released the white paper on LTE public security applications

ctiforum on June 1 (Li Wenjie): Huawei, the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions, jointly released the white paper on LTE public security applications for many industry media at the fourth elte industry alliance summit held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on May 30. The white paper deeply analyzes the customer pain points and LTE development trend in the field of public safety nanofront ultra-fine polyester fiber, and gives specific deployment suggestions for LTE public safety network

Huawei and IHS jointly issued a white paper on LTE public security applications

the white paper makes a comprehensive analysis and elaboration on the special field of LTE public security, including market scale, technology development trend, standard progress, spectrum planning in various regions of the world, network deployment strategies and suggestions, improvement of supporting industrial chain, and influence of industrial organizations

the white paper points out that major changes are taking place in the field of public security all over the world, and the tide of public security LTE broadband specialized construction has arrived. In the past few years, industry customers have realized the great role and benefits of deploying LTE broadband specialists. However, the current narrow-band network, including analog and digital, cannot provide large bandwidth services such as video, and thus cannot meet the demands of existing public security customers for visual scheduling. At present, some suppliers have provided LTE specialized communication solutions based on public security. Coupled with the national construction needs of national emergency communication specialized and the evolution of modern police mode to visual command, the public security industry is driven to build LTE broadband specialized. It is obvious that broadband dedicated communication is the future of emergency communication

in recent years, LTE has been in a trend of simple process lines rather than rapid growth in specialized fields. Throughout 2015, the protective devices should be solid and reliable, and the public safety LTE special communication market reached 540million US dollars. According to the prediction of IHS, it is estimated that by 2019, the market size of LTE dedicated eNodeB base stations in the field of public safety alone will reach 1.3 billion US dollars; And according to the long-term forecast data of IHS, there will be higher growth. It is estimated that by 2021, the LTE dedicated system will reach one million users

Thomas Lynch

the main author of the white paper and the director of the emergency communication department of IHS company

Huawei has launched elte public security solutions with years of profound wireless technology accumulation and in-depth understanding of industry needs, and has now achieved a leading position. As of Q1 2016, Huawei has signed 180 elte project contracts and opened 84 elte commercial networks, which are widely used in public safety, transportation and other fields, such as Nanjing government affairs, Shanghai public security, Kenya police department, Zhengzhou metro, Ethiopia capital light rail and so on. India is expected to become the fastest-growing market for PE demand in the Asia Pacific region

president of wireless business of Huawei wireless network enterprise

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