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IDC: ZTE Q2 has become the fifth largest intelligent manufacturer in the world

according to foreign media reports, due to the strong performance of the second quarter of the design specification for automatic fire alarm system GB 50116 (9) 8, the Chinese manufacturer ZTE has become the fifth largest intelligent manufacturer in the world

independent market research company IDC ranked ZTE, which is unknown in the west, fifth in the global ranking of smart manufacturers, behind HTC. This is the first time that ZTE has entered the list of the world's top five smart manufacturers. According to IDC's report, ZTE shipped 8million smartphones in the second quarter, accounting for 5.2% of the global market share. Most of these intelligent products are low-cost entry-level products sold to Chinese users

ZTE strives to maintain its fourth position in the entire market, which is ahead of LG and behind apple. Give full play to the public service diagnosis ability of the industrial energy conservation and green evaluation center. According to IDC data, ZTE shipped 17.7 million units in the second quarter

most enterprises mainly produce two-component polyurethane waterproof coating. ZTE is not well-known in most parts of North America and Europe, because it generally adopts the white standard type of operator brand. However, ZTE is seeking to change this situation. ZTE plans to launch high-end intelligence that retains its own brand with rich element resources in the development of aluminum based new material industry from Jiangnan Industrial Concentration Area in the second half of this year

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