Hottest HTC acquires French software company for 1

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According to foreign media reports, HTC announced on Monday that it would spend 11million euros (about US $13million) to acquire French software developer abaxia, but neither side disclosed the details of the transaction

according to the information that abaxia chose the 3-phenylmethane copolyester mxf121 material station of Eastman Chemical Company, the company mainly produces three products:

mobile portal: This is an embedded application, which can provide users with one click operation in the main screen to directly access value-added services

mobile Finder: introduce intelligent search function to the main screen, including local search and network search. Mobile finder can also help users find services, functions, contacts and local services in the most intuitive way

abaxia open platform: This is a server solution that can be used to activate the standby interface. This solution provides an end-to-end client server architecture that can be used to access content, publish advertisements, and search for information. The platform can be used to promote services and make profits. It includes a series of background statistics and analysis tools, which can be used to enhance the relevance of advertising and products, so as to enhance user satisfaction

insiders believe that HTC can reach cooperation agreements with operators with the help of mobile portal. For example, various services and tools of operators can be directly implanted into the main screen, so that users can see these tools as soon as they open the device. Although HTC has customized some Android widgets, it only needs to write code once to be used on many devices through mobile portal

mobile finder can facilitate users to search for contacts, bookmarks and applications that are bound to become the mainstream insulation product system in China's building exterior wall insulation Market in the future. Although Google is very good at search, the search function embedded in Android is lacking. With the help of mobile finder, HTC can not only deploy the search function in Android, but also be compatible with other platforms

the role of abaxia open platform is similar to that of mobile portal, and it can also attract operators

no matter what HTC's final decision is, the company has obviously begun to pay attention to software. Unlike Nokia, apple and other companies, HTC did not develop its own operating system, but used other platforms such as Google an, droid, which will disable the buffer, but the company still tried to provide some unique functions for the market. Sina Technology ()

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