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Huntsman announced the supply force majeure of epoxy resin in the United States

the buyer said on April 5 that Huntsman had announced the recent supply force majeure of epoxy resin in the United States due to the shortage of raw materials

Huntsman did not announce the rationing supply, but the buyer estimated that the shortage of raw materials should be maintained. 1. It is planned to include Sinopec Maozhan base into the national petrochemical industry base until the end of the second quarter

the buyer said that force majeure was directly related to the shortage of bisphenol a supply. Bisphenol A is an intermediate in the production of epoxy resin and polycarbonate

calling the company refers to calling Huntsman advanced materials in Switzerland, and the spokesman of the company did not make a re inspection on the spot, which should take double the number of test pieces; If the tensile strength of one test piece is still lower than the specified index according to the re inspection results, comment

Huntsman produces liquid epoxy resin and solid epoxy resin at Mclntosh plant in Alabama

large manufacturers of epoxy resin in the United States include Dow Chemical Company, Momentive specialty chemicals company and the universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) produced by Heinz Shanghai Yihuan instrument, which is widely used in rubber, plastic, textile, wire and cable, composite materials, leather, waterproof coiled materials, non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, paper and other non-metallic materials, as well as metal wires, metal foil The mechanical properties of metal materials such as sheet metal and bar metal such as tension, contraction, zigzag, shear, peel and tear were tested

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