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IDT launched SiC (silicon carbide development headquarters economy) humidity sensor

integrated device. The price rise of various raw materials since September 2016 is causing a fatal impact on the export industries such as home appliances, furniture, textiles and clothing. Technology (IDT, Aditi Technology) recently announced its advanced sensor product portfolio, adding a series of relative humidity (RH) sensor products based on SiC

idt hs300x relative humidity sensor series products have an accuracy of ± 1.5% RH and a response time of 6 seconds (in static air without circulation @20-80% RH). The humidity sensor consumes a lot of power during measurement, so it can respond quickly and provide stable measurement. High end computers and printers can be configured to effectively reduce the amount of sampling. This is particularly important for battery powered applications. Lower power consumption means longer battery life

in addition to high precision and fast response time, hs300x series products can provide long-term stability of 0.1% RH per year, improve service life and reduce effective cost with firm SiC structure and innovative design

The humidity sensor of

idt is applicable to the measurement of water vapor content in medical oxygen, humidity measurement in refrigerators and other electrical appliances, and air humidity monitoring for industrial processes, HVAC control systems, weather stations, portable personal health equipment, etc

"we are very pleased to add high-performance humidity sensor series products to IDT's industry-leading sensor product line," said sailesh chittipeddi, executive vice president and chief technology officer of IDT's global operations, "IDT's humidity sensors can be used alone or in conjunction with IDT's gas and flow sensors to provide a complete environmental sensing solution. These products each have trustworthy value. Combined with IDT's long-term good reputation in quality and support, these products have become highly respected solutions in industrial, medical and automotive applications."

hs300x series products include four devices - hs3001, hs3002, hs3003 and hs3004, and their relative humidity measurement accuracy is ± 1.5%, ± 1.8%, ± 2.8% and ± 3.8% respectively. The Institute is mainly engaged in the conversion of recycled plastic and wood fiber wastes into innovative composite board systems. Some devices have a static current as low as 0.1ua and a wide sensing range of 5-95%, realizing accurate control under extreme humidity conditions. Hs300x series products adopt 3.0 × two point four × With 0.8 mm compact LGA package, IDT has been able to provide hs300x series sensors and evaluation boards

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