Lego, the hottest toy plastic brick manufacturer,

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Lego, a toy plastic brick manufacturer, added new injection molding equipment and molds

although the real construction industry is still struggling, it is not difficult to see from Lego's ongoing global molding capacity expansion plan that the sales of toy plastic bricks are booming

Charlotte, the company's spokeswoman, controlled the slow response. Esimonsen was unwilling to disclose the specific expansion investment amount of Lego, but said that the company was being built in Denmark, Hungary, NY í regyh á Za and Mexico. The results showed that when the connection temperature was lower than 840 ℃, the isothermal solidification of the liquid interlayer was not completed, and the residual interlayer could be inspected; With the increase of bonding temperature, the atomic dispersion accelerates and the residual interlayer decreases gradually; At 870 ℃, the structure of the joint is all solid solution; When the connection temperature is 850 ℃, the connection joint has the highest shear strength, which is about 180MPa. New molding machines and molds are installed in the three injection molding plants in Monterey, Mexico

she said in an interview, "we are installing hundreds of machines in these three factories. The installation project began earlier this year and will continue until the beginning of 2010."

the company also began to build a new storage facility in a factory in Kladno, Czech Republic

the reason why LEGO plans to expand is that its profits and sales achieved double growth in the first half of this year. As of June 30, the company's net sales increased by 23% to DKK 4.4 billion (about 5.793 billion yuan), compared with DKK 3.6 billion (about 4.7 billion yuan) last year. Pre tax profit surged 65% to 927 million DKK (about 1.22 billion yuan), compared with 564 million DKK (about 743 million yuan) last year

LEGO announced that despite the general recession of the global toy market, they still achieved double-digit growth in all market areas

company ceoj? Rgenvicknudstorp said these figures were "very satisfactory", although there are still some uncertainties in the performance of PVC door and window pulley jg/t 129 ⑵ 000 this year

he said in a draft, "after the booming period of toy sales in recent months, there are considerable uncertainties in the sales situation of the whole year. However, according to the good performance in the first half of the year, we are still optimistic about the whole year."

after deciding to outsource the production of colored toy building bricks to Flextronics in Singapore in 2006, Lego is now putting this part of injection molding production back into its internal factory

LEGO also stipulates that its headquarters is located in Billund, Western Denmark, with a total of 4500 employees worldwide. The company has not been publicly listed, but it has published its earnings report since 1997

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