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London Olympic champion Lei Sheng became the brand ambassador of 263 Chinatelecom Italk BB

ctiforum on October 9 (Jia Er): Lei Sheng, the scholar swordsman who won the men's foil champion at the London Olympic Games, and the user meeting of Italk BB. On the afternoon of September 26, the curtain opened at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, D.C

At the meeting, Ambassador Yang Zigang, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, congratulated Wang Haibin and Lei Sheng, and praised Italk BB's continuous efforts and serious attitude in giving back to the Chinese community. Zhao Jie, President of iTalkBB, clearly explained the spirit of cooperation between Italk and the Chinese men's foil team in his speech. He believes that the foil team's efforts to become a world-class fencing team in the fencing field that was originally monopolized by European countries and reached by some domestic joint ventures are in line with the spirit of the vast number of overseas Chinese people fighting against the trend in foreign countries; It is consistent with Italk's corporate image of pursuing excellence and becoming a leader in the world's VOIP industry

Mr. Zhao Jie also awarded Lei Sheng the honorary Medal of Italk brand image Dagong. The structure can be repaired. At the same time, the company also supplies cantilever impact testing machine, impact testing machine and other products. Witnessed by the audience, Wang Haibin and lucky user representatives jointly selected the winning users from the iTalkBB feedback user lottery. The luxury awards of double London round-trip tickets and fitness annual cards belong to each other

then, Lei Sheng, who changed into a fencing suit, went to the already paved Kendo and joined hands with Edward, an excellent Chinese American young fencer, to present a wonderful fencing performance. In the process of learning fencing from Lei Sheng, the children rushed onto the stage. Lei Sheng patiently taught everyone hand in hand how to hold a sword and how to draw a sword. The wit and humility of thunder attracted laughter and bursts of applause. The Italk BB meeting ended successfully with laughter

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