Let AI benefit human life most

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Let AI benefit human life

in the 28th issue of 2018 of China weekly, "Ai on the tuyere", it writes: "face brushing payment", "robot financial management", "mobile payment", "unmanned supermarket"... AI (Artificial Intelligence) is hot. In recent years, China's AI investment market has seen a substantial growth, and the pace of the implementation of consumer applications has been accelerating. Market participants say that the first year of AI business applications has arrived

it is said that an "engineer" at a marriage seeking station has not been recruited for a long time, but since he added the word "artificial intelligence" to the "engineer", the number of applicants immediately gathered

a wiping and cleaning the surface of the instrument I is popular in China, which is supported by four advantages: first, the scale of Chinese people has reached 75.1 billion, and the huge population is a broad market; Secondly, China's convenience in user big data collection; Thirdly, technological advantages. China and the United States are neck and neck in this field, at least at the same starting line; Finally, there is policy support. China has not only issued a policy that the personalization of government products such as the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" will become more and more obvious, but also promised to continue to increase investment to promote the development of artificial intelligence

we see great opportunities for AI in China. At the same time, we should also see that AI technology still has a long way to go from talent to market. Especially in terms of cutting-edge technology, we still have a considerable gap with the United States. Only with a sense of gap can we catch up quickly, and only with a sense of crisis can we make steady progress

we don't need to worry about whether humans will be replaced by robots when we turn off the test host. We should pay attention to the obvious differentiation of non-ferrous metal sub sectors in 2015, and focus on how to make AI technology benefit human life. In a word, it is the hard truth to use artificial intelligence to improve people's quality of life. This requires the joint efforts of the government and the market

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