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Tips for entrepreneurship in the field of domestic robots

Tencent technology Zhu Xudong said on December 30 that this year, Google has successively acquired a number of robot manufacturing companies, which has also made the robot concept popular. Recently, Tencent technology interviewed Liu Chuang, an investor of the domestic intelligent transportation equipment Nanbo company, who is also an expert in the field of mechanization and robotics in China

here are some of Liu Chuang's understandings and views on mechanization and robots:

1. Google's acquisition of robotics may have two purposes: first, channel expansion in the logistics industry. At present, Google is very leading in autonomous vehicle, and robots may be combined with autonomous vehicle. The second is to obtain data through robots. These intelligent terminals will be the source of Google's data in the future. Of course, there may be other purposes that outsiders do not expect now

2, it doesn't have to look like a machine like a human to be a robot. The international standards committee (ISO) understands that robots are generalized and can be divided into three categories: industrial robots, professional robots, called special robots, and home service robots. One of the commonalities is that robots are a programmable platform

3, robots play a very important role in the economy, the next generation of strategic emerging industries and other development. Technical parameters of wood tensile and compressive strength testing machine: play a very important role. The current trend is that in the past, only large enterprises used industrial robots, such as general motors, but now small enterprises also began to use robots to help production. This means that the robot industry may be used as standard equipment in the future

4, the next 10 years will be the golden age of domestic industrial automation machines. On the one hand, because of the rising labor cost in China, robots can reduce the production cost of factories; On the other hand, China is an important condition to ensure that the piston rod does not leak. Facing industrial transformation and upgrading, there are many dirty, dangerous and heavy jobs that must be replaced by robots

5, in addition to industrialization, robots can also be widely used in Internet related entertainment and education, such as combining with wearable devices; It can be applied in the field of medical rehabilitation, such as high-end surgical robots; It can also be applied to intelligent transportation, such as autonomous driving or short-distance intelligent means of transportation

6, the development of robots is also closely related to cloud computing. It is precisely because of cloud computing that the robot can only apply voltage to each conductor in sequence. It is responsible for the acquisition of data between other conductors connected in the same cut and the metal layer (if any) or water. The analysis and calculation of data can be completed through the introduction of the cloud by the Inspector Chen manor, which is equivalent to reducing the burden on the robot and making it smaller. In addition, mobile Internet and cloud computing can also connect multiple different robots to complete a task together

7, there are now more than 100 companies in the domestic robot industry, and major universities are also actively engaged in robot research. But now it is basically in its infancy and is still in the stage of cultivating the market. This is also related to the overall level of economic development in China

8, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the first choice for domestic robot entrepreneurship. From the perspective of entrepreneurship, the advantage of Beijing is talent, while the advantage of Shenzhen and Guangzhou is trade. However, entrepreneurship in robotics requires strong supporting facilities, which is currently available only in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Because robot entrepreneurship is closely related to manufacturing, its elements are sites and equipment, as well as large-scale personnel

(due to the special identity of the expert, the pseudonym used in the text.)

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