Legend and myth III of the hottest Red Eagle brand

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Legend and myth of Big Red Eagle brand shaping three

Four Big Red Eagle brand image shaping projects

success/achievement/struggle/struggle are all very good concepts, which are also in line with the original feeling of big red eagle, but these concepts have been abused and seriously lack of freshness

the concept of hope/chic/happiness is too light, which is not connected with the original brand slogan "spirit of the new era" of Dahongying, nor does it conform to the original brand feeling of Dahongying

negation, negation, negation, non-stop negation

overthrow, overthrow, overthrow, constantly overthrow

it is a complex and painful process to explore a concept that is most suitable for the brand from a pile of words and images. Too many temptations, too many interferences, too many choices, too many choices, too many deep or shallow, near or far tests, and the risks we have to take -- creativity itself is trying, that is, taking risks bravely. If you want to be a security element, you can only follow the rules forever and drown in the gravel of time forever

the symbolic era of five tobacco brands

even earlier. When the tobacco brand encounters the advertising restriction policy, in fact, the seeds of tobacco brand symbolization have been planted

because tobacco advertisements can't sell loudly, can't claim their USP righteously, and have to let people understand that this is an advertisement of a brand of tobacco, but can't be understood as an economic and trade company, which is a cultural company to avoid dust falling. The High Tech Department of the Ministry of human and computer science and technology organized experts in Beijing to accept the theme project of "new special functional key materials" supported by the new material technology field of the 863 plan, etc, Therefore, symbols have become an essential "endorsement" element in the performance of tobacco brand advertising

for example, the flying gesture of Baisha, the horse riding whip of King lotus, the concrete and abstract red pagoda of Hongta mountain, and the pictographic word "mountain" of Huangshan Mountain

of course, this symbol must also have connotation. It must be able to represent the brand, say its own ideas, express its own attitude, and show its own spirit. This is the real symbol

Marlboro proudly says that he is a wild and tough real man, 555 modestly declares that he is a symbol of high technology, Wrigley easily tells you that this is the Leisure world, and Davidoff puts on the look of an aristocratic gentleman

the communication of tobacco brands without symbols lacks expressive vitality, while symbols without connotation have no life energy. So who gave the connotation

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