Causes and solutions of the lowest peel strength I

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Reasons and solutions for low peel strength (II)

II. Raw materials

1. Thin film materials

(1) surface tension is low and cannot meet the standard. Corona treatment should be done in the composite process to oxidize the surface of the film from non-polar to polar, increase the surface roughness and improve the surface tension, so as to improve the wettability of the adhesive

what is the system structure of the metal material experimental machine in terms of its global food consumption rate? Do you know? Today, StarTech will take you to know: (2) the plating of aluminum coating and attention to the computer control of the machine. The aluminum effect is poor, and it is transferred in the production process

formulate the aluminum plating strength standard and enhance the aluminum plating strength test. Select products from well-known enterprises

(3) if the storage time is too long and the additives in the film are precipitated, the surface shall be cleaned before compounding

(4) if the storage time is too long, the film surface will be aged and used in time to shorten the storage time

(5) if the storage time is too long, the moisture absorption method on the film surface is the same as above

2. Adhesive

(1) misuse of adhesive model

choose the correct adhesive model for mixing

(2) the adhesive is placed for a long time, and the moisture in the air dissolves in the adhesive, which consumes the curing agent

it is used and prepared now. For the remaining glue liquid, the raw material will be accurately covered at the required position as the diluent of the next same adhesive

(3) the unused adhesive can be used after placing

it cannot be used again as a diluent of the same adhesive

3. Ethyl acetate

the purity of ethyl acetate is not up to standard, and water and alcohol substances are on the high side

use ethyl acetate in strict accordance with the requirements of "urethane grade" ethyl acetate. Use the products of formal large companies, and do not easily use the products produced by informal enterprises, because the production control requirements of "urethane grade" ethyl acetate are very high, and it is difficult for informal enterprises to produce products that meet the requirements (i.e. high water content and alcohol substances)

4. Ink

(1) misuse ink, and use surface printing ink as internal printing ink

before use, it is necessary to distinguish whether the ink to be used is used as surface printing or internal printing (i.e. composite printing)

(2) the ink does not match the adhesive (system)

for aluminum plating composite, the drying effect can be properly controlled to maintain a certain flexibility of the adhesive film (that is, in the composite process, the adhesive film cannot be dried too thoroughly), and the curing agent can be appropriately reduced during the preparation of the adhesive liquid. Special gluing method (i.e. gluing on aluminized film) is a way to solve the low composite strength for aluminized composite

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