The hottest new technology of packaging design

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New technology of packaging design

the prototype PET bottle label of Jinan assaying bursting strength tester welcomes your attention. The label of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed by packaging giant Alcoa. The feature of this label is the cutting technology, which will bring many new packaging design possibilities. In contrast to the group's flexible packaging print shrink case, pet levels are enhanced to produce 50 micron polyethylene terephthalate (PETG). Most importantly, the rotary AV wrinkle case utilizes two new printing technologies. The first is a new intervention "throwing" ink technology, which turns one color into another when the label is tilted, creating exciting design possibilities

in addition, this reverse printing ink, white ink, is printed on the surface of the water drop and the upper copy of the label at - 40 ~ + 130 ℃, bringing vivid graphic depth to these places. These innovative printing technologies can be obtained at the bottom of any wrinkle shell, including PETG, OPS and PVC

alcoa Southern icon system (SGS) interior design group is responsible for label design

alcoa executive vice president billleahey said, "the beverage market has been saturated with PET containers with paper or plastic packaging around the label. Many companies try to distinguish each other by the shape of the bottle, but few people are willing to play an active role with distinctive and eye-catching wrinkled shell labels."

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