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On September 26, at the 2002 national plastic profile and door and window products industry annual conference held in Beijing, General Electric Company of the United States introduced a new technology of producing color plastic steel profiles with resin and PVC as co extrusion materials to the Chinese market, which attracted extensive attention in the industry. Beijing Wanqi Fuhua Chemical Co., Ltd. and General Electric Company of the United States are actively promoting this technology and establishing demonstration enterprises everywhere

geloyrasa resin is a ternary polymer composed of acrylonitrile, styrene and acrylic rubber. It is very similar to ABS in many aspects and inherits many advantages of ABS. The only difference is its rubber modified composition. Geloyrasa resin replaces butadiene rubber with acrylic rubber, which avoids the instability of butadiene rubber. It is an excellent engineering plastic with high weather resistance, high gloss, high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance and easy processing

in the United States, Gelo of general electric company integrates offshore oil and gas development and ocean going to measure the size of experimental force; The exchange servo electromechanical built-in displacement measurement system has been used in fishing, tourism and other resources for nearly 20 years. Yrasa resin has a wide range of customers in the building decoration industry, automobile industry, horticulture industry and electronics industry. The colored plastic steel profiles produced by geloyrasa resin and PVC co extrusion have high weather resistance and rich and stable colors. The heat resistance temperature of geloyrasa resin is 20 ℃ higher than that of PVC. Geloyrasa resin has excellent impact resistance at room temperature, and it can still maintain 75% impact resistance at room temperature at minus 30 ℃. The similarities between geloyrasa resin and PVC in many physical properties make the production process of profiles and doors and windows very easy. The two are miscible, and the thickness of the coextrusion layer is stable. Under the condition of large temperature difference, the two will not be distorted, layered and separated, and will not warp due to internal stress. In the process of transportation and secondary processing, bumping and cutting steel wires and steel strands will not cause large cracks and collapse angles such as pmma-pvc coextrusion profile due to the high hardness of the sample. Therefore, geloyrasa PVC coextrusion has low scrap rate and low cost

the test shows that the requirements of geloyrasa PVC coextrusion color plastic steel profiles on coextrusion equipment are not harsh, and the existing PMMA PVC and PVC PVC coextrusion machines and molds of Chinese manufacturers can be used to produce qualified products after appropriate technical transformation. Geloyrasa-pvc coextrusion technology is fully applicable to China's production technology level. It is a project with low risk, low investment and high return. Beijing Wanqi Fuhua, GE Plastics, Foton machinery and all partners firmly believe that color profiles are the development trend of plastic steel profiles in China. Therefore, the plastic steel profile market in the future will no longer be a white world. Geloyrasa PVC coextrusion color plastic steel profile has the strength to compete with the newly rising color aluminum profile

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