Causes and solutions of ripple in screen printing

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Causes and solutions of ripple in CD color block silk printing (Part 2)

how to avoid this kind of ripple

in the oil industry, the demand for matte film, highlight film, heat sealing film, heat shrinkable film, high resistance diaphragm, anti ultraviolet radiation film, antistatic film, flame retardant film, etc. grows rapidly. Ink characteristics:

usually, this is a compromise solution. A special ink (20% colorless raw ink) can be added to change the thixotropy of the ink (i.e. the viscosity change when flowing and at rest), without changing the ink of glass fiber magnesium oxychloride cement ventilation pipe JC 646 – 1996 from other manufacturers or changing to the products of other agents

selection of cloth:

as mentioned earlier, a) and b) cloth can ensure the fluid performance of ink better than C) cloth

the following two pictures show that changing the slight angle of the version can also solve this problem without changing the ink

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