Causes and solutions of the inaccurate size of the

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Causes and solutions of inaccurate paperboard size

1 The tightness of the base paper is not good, that is to say, the base paper is relatively loose and shrinks seriously in case of heat, resulting in the warpage and deformation of the paperboard, which is one of the reasons for the inaccurate size. Excessive moisture or warpage of raw materials and corrugated board is also a non negligible reason for inaccurate size. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of corrugated board offline is basically about 10% ~ 14%, but if the moisture content of offline is 14% ~ 18% or higher, it is relatively humid

if the paperboard is printed, slotted and die cut directly after it is offline, the size will be more accurate. However, after being placed for a period of time, when the moisture content is less than 10%, the paperboard will shrink, the overall paperboard size will become smaller, and the size of each part will be different. The 1m long paperboard will shrink by about 4 ~ 6mm. Therefore, it is very important to master the moisture content of paper and paperboard. The ideal high-quality testing instrument is cement pressure testing machine, which is an environmental friendly material with light weight. It is to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two fixtures with a certain distance between them

the moisture content of each batch of paperboard must be measured with a rapid moisture meter, and the time of printing, slotting and die cutting should be arranged according to the moisture. If the moisture content is too large, it should be placed for 4 hours after the paperboard is offline, and then the production of the next process can be carried out after natural drying. Generally, the moisture content of ex factory delivery is (102)%. This is also the reason why the size of general carton enterprises is accurate during production, but the size becomes smaller after natural conditions are lowered for a period of time. "There will always be demand for new and good products

2. The corrugated box size is inaccurate due to the wrong production size or the wrong adjustment during the order change, which is mainly caused by the operator's carelessness. This problem will be avoided if it is carefully reviewed during the production of the deformation measurement overview of the normal production testing machine

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