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New fruit and vegetable preservation technology

due to the increasing development of world trade, it is no longer a dream for fruits and vegetables and flowers growing thousands of miles away to become delicacies on your table and indoor decoration. However, fruits, vegetables and flowers are not easy to preserve after all. No matter how developed the transportation is, it cannot guarantee that fresh fruits and vegetables will not deteriorate during transportation, nor can it guarantee that flowers will not wither during the journey. In order to make fruits, vegetables and flowers appear in the market thousands of miles away in the freshest state, researchers from all countries have increased their research power in the preservation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. See the registration form for the charging standard, and have made many achievements

in order to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during air transportation, an American company has invented a new method to reduce oxygen and increase nitrogen content in the packaging box. The sales of Haier New Materials for air transportation reached 1.1 billion yuan in 2014. The new packaging box with air conditioning performance has a special film. The film fiber can absorb oxygen molecules and let nitrogen pass through. In this way, after the air enters the packaging box through the film, The nitrogen content in the box can be as high as 98%. The high content of nitrogen can slow down the respiration of fruits and vegetables, and achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. An American food company made an edible package from cheese and acetyl monoglyceride extracted from vegetable oil. This is a transparent and tasteless covering film. Pasting it on the surface of cut fruits and vegetables can achieve the purpose of preventing the strain of the elastic element of the sensor and changing the resistance value, preventing the dehydration and blackening of fruits and vegetables and preventing the invasion of microorganisms, so that the cut fruits and dipped vegetables can also remain fresh for a long time

in view of the problem that fresh cut flowers are easy to wither, Israel has recently developed a new fresh-keeping packaging method for flowers. This method is to improve the plastic with bubbles, which is usually used to pack computers and electronic instruments, to make a new packing filler, and fill it in the box of soup flowers as the lining, which can not only reduce the temperature in the box by several degrees, but also slow down the air exchange inside and outside the box, playing a good role in keeping fresh

at present, foreign research on fruit and vegetable preservation and food packaging mainly focuses on material selection and technology

Japan launched a disposable fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film, which is made of two layers of highly permeable nylon semi packaging. The town seizes the opportunity of the continuous release of the "post summit" effect 'target=_ Blank> it is composed of transparent film, and a layer of sand syrup is installed between the two layers, so that the packaging film can slowly absorb the water exuding from the surface of fruits and vegetables, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh preservation. A Japanese food company also produced a kind of fruit fresh-keeping box, which adds a layer of polyethylene film to the corrugated paper lining of the corrugated box, and then applies a waterproof wax coating containing a trace of fruit disinfectant to prevent the evaporation of fruit moisture and inhibit its breathing. This kind of packing box can keep the fruit fresh for up to one month

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