The hottest new technology of weaving and papermak

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A new technology of weaving and papermaking with straw and wheat straw has come out

recently, a new technology of making cotton, spinning, weaving and papermaking with straw and wheat straw has been successfully developed in Harbin

it is understood that this new process is to overcome this kind of phenomenon by treating straw, wheat straw and other herbaceous plant straw with special chemical methods. It can not only extract long fiber to make cotton, but also mix it with waste polyester, acrylic fiber and waste flax to make cotton plastic bags. It can also propose short fiber to maintain pulp and carry out paper processing in the next five years. It is reported that the cotton produced by this technology can be used in industry, agriculture, cold protection and many other industries. The Plexiglas pillars with high gloss and opacity have made a contribution to the outstanding design of the car. The personal collar can generally realize three control modes of load, strain and displacement

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