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New technology of packaging printing and processing (II)

UV printing + conventional offset printing

UV printing machine needs some adjustment to meet the requirements of different printing manufacturers and printing materials. UV printing unit can be combined with small format, medium format and wide format offset printing machines. For novices in UV technology, we suggest to adopt the operation mode of UV printing and conventional offset printing at the beginning to ensure that the backing and glazing layer meet the requirements of UV printing machine. In the future, anhydrous UV sheet fed offset printing machines will also prove their advantages in packaging printing and processing, especially in printing non absorbent substrates. With the wide recognition of UV technology, it will promote the application of anhydrous UV sheet fed offset press. UV technology also includes CTP anhydrous printing plate and CTCP technology

the demand for plastic film printing is increasing, which used to be a monopoly market for printing. With UV technology, offset printing manufacturers can also set foot in this market. Because the high temperature of UV lamp will affect the stability and registration accuracy of printing materials, a new UV curing system has been introduced. Ink or varnish can be cured in a closed chamber filled with inert gas or nitrogen, reducing the performance requirements of UV lamp

double glazing unit

in addition to a single UV curing device in the market, there are now dual curing devices available, which make online UV glazing on ordinary offset printing inks possible, and the cost is significantly reduced. After testing, the ink surface with special color can also be UV polished. The premise is that this printer must have two polishing units with a dry area in the middle

processing technology that hybrid ink focuses on

another remarkable new technology of online processing is hybrid ink technology. Traditional mineral oil ink and new hybrid ink can be used simultaneously on sheet fed offset printing machine, but the premise is that the printing machine should be properly modified. Because it adopts the current international servo electromechanical professional control chip and multi-channel data collection and processing module, the chemical performance of the ink surface is actually the same as that of UV ink. While overcoming the problems of weak adhesion and poor gloss of printed matter, this kind of ink will not produce swelling effect on blanket or cot

achieve film covering effect

up to now, missing printing technology, such as silk printing technology, is a common technology to achieve similar plastic texture effect. However, compared with sheet fed offset printing, its production efficiency is low, so it is not suitable for the printing of medium or large quantities of live parts. To this end, KBA experts, together with printing ink manufacturers Sun Chemical and epple, jointly launched a solution suitable for mass sheet fed offset printing: printing images, words or other parts that need to be emphasized with mixed ink in the first color group of the printing machine; Then it is dried and solidified by UV drying device; In the back color deck, conventional oil offset ink/varnish is used for printing; Finally, UV glazing and UV curing. In the final printed matter, the graphic part printed with mixed ink can achieve high gloss, which can only be achieved by double glazing in the past, which not only takes up more equipment resources, but also consumes more power and energy until it is certain that there is no bite load. However, the image and text printed with oil-based offset ink will show a rough and matte effect under the interaction of conventional ink and UV varnish. If a special varnish is used, it can even achieve the effect similar to film coating in vision and touch

low input local glazing

local glazing can be carried out by using a mixed ink system. Even if the shape of the glazing part is complex, it can be obtained through only one glazing mechanism. In the past, if there was a gap between the screw rods, a special printing plate was needed for the local glazing of the offset printing of the experimental data paper made in the future, such as the photosensitive resin plate made by a professional company or the hand carved glazing plate. It was not only expensive to make the plate, but also needed to increase the time of the plate. The new technology can use two different inks at the same time, and use the sharp contrast between the two inks in the gloss of printed graphics and texts to achieve the purpose of local glazing

offset printing manufacturers always face some problems when providing services to printing customers. They should not only provide value-added services, but also have reasonable prices, and the printing effect should be different. As the printing machinery adopts a modular structure, this reduces the threshold for entering the above UV technology. Therefore, the upcoming drupa 2004 is an ideal place for you to balance all kinds of processes and understand the overall overview of inks and offset presses. After all, UV technology will penetrate into commercial offset printing in the next few years

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