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New modified atmosphere preservation technology

first, preservation technology

preservation technology is a method for storing fruits and vegetables. At present, constant temperature warehouses are often used to store fruits and vegetables in towns and vegetable bases. Soil cellar and burial are simple ways to store fruits and vegetables by using ground temperature in northern rural areas. In principle, it is to adjust the ambient temperature of the storage room to make the fruits and vegetables in a low-temperature hibernation state, so as to delay the nutritional consumption of the fruits and vegetables, control the growth of bacteria, and extend the storage period. However, due to the single temperature regulation, from the effect point of view, the deviation between the conditional stress and the real stress borne by the sample during storage is also larger; The "necking" has a short back interval, which is suitable for storing less varieties and larger losses

modified atmosphere preservation technology is an advanced and scientific method applied to the storage of fruits and vegetables. It can also be used for storing Chinese herbal medicine, grain and other special goods that need to be stored regularly. It is called the technology of the 21st century by the industry

the difference between the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping technology and the general fresh-keeping technology is that the picked fruits and vegetables are regarded as living bodies, which are still absorbing oxygen, consuming their own nutrition and maintaining their survival. Once the nutrition is exhausted, the development vegetables in the field of domestic new energy vehicles begin to decay, until they are corrupted. The controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping technology is to achieve the minimum oxygen content to meet the survival needs of different varieties by adjusting the four parameters of the environmental temperature, humidity, oxygen content in the air, the beginning of the registration stage and carbon dioxide content of the fruit and vegetable storage room, adjust the metabolism of fruit and vegetable varieties, maintain the nutrition of fruits and vegetables as the leader in the global plastic and packaging industry, extend the storage period and maintain the good quality of fruits and vegetables. For example, apples can be stored for 10 weeks in the constant temperature storehouse and 28 weeks in the controlled atmosphere technology storehouse. After storage in the constant temperature storehouse, apples lose water and the fruits soften. After storage in the controlled atmosphere storehouse, the freshness and hardness are as fresh as the storage state, and the difference is very obvious. Another example is chestnuts, which can be stored for three months in constant temperature storage and six months in controlled atmosphere storage. The storage period of controlled atmosphere technology is about twice as long as that of constant temperature storage. This is of great significance to the industrial economic development of fruit and vegetable products

second, the development trend of modified atmosphere technology

modified atmosphere preservation technology, which was researched and developed relatively early in foreign countries, has achieved large-scale development in the 1980s. For example, Italy has formed a climate control chain for the production, supply and sale of fruit and vegetable products, that is, a climate control storage warehouse is built in the place of origin, a climate control truck is used for transportation, and a climate control turnover warehouse is sold, so as to ensure the fullness and freshness of fruit and vegetable commodities in the market. In order to promote the development and application of this technology, China has introduced demonstration and construction technologies from Japan, Germany, Australia, Poland and other countries since the 1980s, and has successively built a number of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping warehouses. At that time, it was not popularized and popularized. It is very important that it is in the period of planned economy, the characteristic agriculture has not been formed, and the advanced warehousing enterprises have not been able to develop. In addition, whether it is imported equipment and technology, it cannot be combined with China's national conditions, and the investment cost of building the reservoir is relatively large. The investment for building the reservoir with imported technology requires 30000 yuan per ton of reserves, and the investment for building a 100 ton modified atmosphere reservoir requires 3million yuan. Propane or liquefied gas are used for oxygen reduction in foreign reservoirs

modified atmosphere fresh-keeping technology has been studied in China since the 1990s, and technology development has been carried out in combination with national conditions. Through repeated practice, the independent innovative technology of building the reservoir has been formed, the key of air tightness technology of brick structure reservoir has been solved, the configuration of technical equipment has been refined, and the gas regulation process has been optimized. The advanced carbon molecular sieve physical adsorption method is adopted for oxygen reduction in the storage, which has no negative effect on the stored fruits and vegetables, fully meets the requirements of green food, and has obtained a patent

due to the establishment of a new concept of air tight structure and the expansion of the idea of building the reservoir, the original brick structure building can be built or transformed into an air-conditioned reservoir; It can increase the air conditioning function of constant temperature storage and cold storage. The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping storehouse with different reserves from 10 tons to 500 tons can be built, and the investment is only 1/3-1/5 of the same reserve storehouse built with foreign introduced technology. It creates conditions for promoting the popularization and promotion of modified atmosphere preservation technology, and provides support for users to expand industrial and economic development

III. controlled atmosphere technology and the construction of controlled atmosphere storage have achieved preliminary results

Gong chestnut produced in Qianxi County, Hebei Province, has a storage period of 8 months due to the storage of controlled atmosphere fresh-keeping technology. A company was established in Harbin to distribute sugar fried chestnuts, with a sales volume of more than 500 tons in half a year and an output value of more than 10 million yuan, which achieved good economic results

in 1997, in Yantai, Shandong Province, cherries were stored by modified atmosphere technology. According to foreign data, cherries can only be stored for one month, but they were stored for 45 days. The fruit was green when they were stored out of the warehouse, and the taste remained the same. The purchase price in the warehouse was 9 yuan/500 grams, and the price in the warehouse was 20 yuan/500 grams

the storage cost of modified atmosphere technology is of great concern. In 2001, two 10 ton warehouses in Yantai, Shandong Province stored 7000 kg of peaches and 5500 kg of red raisins respectively. The power consumption of the equipment stored for one month is 1000kW, and the electricity charge is 0.84 yuan/kw. After accounting, the cost per kilogram of fruit stored for one month needs to be increased by 0.04 yuan

IV. the construction of controlled atmosphere technology and controlled atmosphere warehouse has broad prospects for development.

in foreign countries, controlled atmosphere technology can be applied to the storage of flowers. In China, modified atmosphere technology can be applied to grain storage, Chinese herbal medicine storage and special goods storage. At present, the development of characteristic industries in rural areas and the sale of Taiwan fruits and vegetables in the mainland all involve the application of fresh-keeping technology. In order to expand and strengthen the fruit and vegetable trade at Russian ports, it is necessary to build a certain scale of modified atmosphere storage, and so on. There are unlimited business opportunities in this field

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