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Textile new materials heal the injury of concrete

as the largest amount of building materials in the world, concrete structure has become a vital part of China's economic construction. However, concrete materials and concrete structures worldwide are deteriorating at a fairly fast rate. In China alone, the annual economic losses caused by durability problems amount to hundreds of billions of yuan and hundreds of billions of tons of construction waste. It is urgent to improve the surface quality of concrete

guest: Professor Zeng xiansen, School of mechanical engineering and automation, Wuhan Textile University

as early as 2005, Wuhan Textile University stopped the experiment at the domestic rate without breaking, and first studied the nonwoven CPFL technology. In January 2007, it was officially approved in the science and technology guiding project of China Textile Industry Federation. From the perspective of modern textile fiber technology and process means, the project adopts textile technology means to improve the performance of concrete surface layer and improve the durability of concrete structure. The project results are applicable to all concrete structure construction fields

"A large number of studies have shown that the durability failure process of concrete structures is carried out from the surface of the structure to the inside. After the pouring of fresh concrete, it is very easy to form a water rich layer at the interface between the formwork and the concrete surface due to the physical and chemical effects of external vibration and the hydration of cement, and bubbles are attached. After the formwork is hardened and removed, surface defects such as honeycombs, sand holes, cracks and so on are formed, reducing the density, strength and impermeability of the concrete surface 。” In order to essentially improve the surface quality of concrete, opaque xiansen, the leader of the project "improving the non-woven depth of concrete surface quality:> 860 mm; research and application of cloth formwork lining" and a professor of Wuhan Textile University, has really made some efforts. At the same time, the project team has made innovative management changes

the apparent defects of concrete not only affect the external beauty of the building, but also its surface performance is the main reason for the lack of durability of concrete and its structure. Foreign media gradually invade the interior through the concrete surface, which leads to the deterioration of the overall structure, resulting in durability problems. Zeng xiansen said that these problems cannot be solved by optimizing the composition and mix proportion of concrete, but only by improving the impermeability of the concrete surface. The use of controlledpermeabilityformworker (CPFL) is an effective and economic technical means

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