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Causes and solutions of construction safety accidents

it is unfair to unilaterally accuse ineffective supervision and management. Objectively speaking, China's construction safety management system is not lax. A series of safety regulations are issued repeatedly to solve the employment problem and improve product competitiveness. The legal representative of the construction enterprise is responsible for the safety production of the enterprise, and the construction enterprise is responsible for the safety of the construction site. As for the legal representative is the first person in the safe production of the enterprise, the project manager is the first person in the safe production of the construction site, which is even more well-known. Since there are so many rules and regulations, why do safety accidents still occur frequently and continue despite repeated prohibitions? Some experts pointed out that those rules and regulations are only administrative provisions, which have changed since then. The key is to implement them. Project quality involves the market and tasks, so it is generally concerned. The safety construction is out of control because it is not directly related to benefits and is not valued

Second, safety management lags behind quality management

the safety situation of engineering construction in recent years is extremely severe, so we have to reflect on our current safety supervision and management mode. At present, the construction enterprise is responsible for the safety protection of the construction site, which can only be used for two years. In terms of project quality, a considerable number of bosses and project managers are well aware that the market and survival are involved, so they are willing to invest. However, the investment in safety protection equipment, which is vital to human life, is less enthusiastic. If it can be reduced, it can be reduced, or even if it can be free. However, the rural construction teams who play the leading role in the construction site are mostly untrained. They lack the necessary knowledge of safety self-protection, and are prone to accidents if they are careless. The safety supervision stations at all levels entrusted by the government with safety supervision and management have shown their power to provide users with little observation, which is more than enough

1 safety supervision station and quality supervision station are two brands, one team. In this team, the number of personnel engaged in quality supervision and those responsible for safety supervision is very uneven. A safety supervision station with only a few people is facing the supervision tasks of hundreds of construction sites scattered within how many square kilometers. Even if it patrols 24 hours a day, it is impossible to walk through these construction sites

2 is the charge problem, which is a sensitive topic. At present, there is no charge for safety supervision, and even the purchase of some necessary testing equipment can only be supplemented by the limited quality supervision fee

3 new technologies, new processes and new standards emerge in endlessly, and safety supervision personnel should constantly update their knowledge. However, due to the lack of funds and manpower, the training is difficult to implement. As for the title of safety supervision personnel, it is also an urgent problem to be solved. Quality supervision personnel can apply for the evaluation of supervision engineers, and the technical title of safety supervision personnel has not been determined so far

third, the implementation of safety supervision is expected to reduce engineering casualties

although safe construction is extremely difficult and dangerous, people's lives are at stake, and the competent departments at all levels will not allow themselves to do nothing. But where is the solution? A considerable number of quality supervision stations (i.e. safety supervision stations) appeal to the stationmaster: since we can implement quality supervision on the construction site, why can't we implement safety supervision? This proposal can be regarded as one of the best strategies to curb engineering accidents at present. From the quality grade system to the completion acceptance filing system, the daily quality supervision is evaluated by the supervision unit, and the mandatory on-site supervision is implemented in key parts of the construction site, so our overall quality is under control. Then, when organizing the safety assurance system at the construction site, why not also rely on the supervision unit? Moreover, quality and safety are twin brothers, and it is impossible to lose one thing and lose the other. This important waste of energy is not a pity. A considerable part of the personnel of the supervision unit also found many security loopholes on the site at ordinary times. 2. Piezoelectric crystal load sensors, gratings, magnetic gratings, photoelectric encoders (incremental and absolute), etc., but they didn't want dogs and mice to meddle and offend people. Naturally, if we really want to implement the safety supervision system, the supervision unit also needs to recharge and raise the charging rate, which is understandable. At present, the urgent need to solve is to curb the expanding safety accidents, and the implementation of safety supervision should be a feasible way

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