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The homicide squad detective who was among the first to lay eyes on Cleo Smith after her dramatic late-night rescue missed an important family moment in his dogged pursuit of the case and already had a formidable reputation as a solver of gruesome mysteries.

Fronting media cameras on Wednesday just hours after news of the four-year-old’s miraculous discovery spread across the nation and indeed the worldhe said in a statement., Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine beamed broadly and said it was “without a doubt” the highlight of his career.

He said he felt shock2021-04-23T10:24:04.685Z, quickly followed by elation when his team found Cleo in a locked Carnarvon house, just minutes away from her family home.

“We had always hoped for that outcome butThe junior partner in a governing coalition under conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz., stillremoveInterestedInFlag, we were not prepared for it, to see her sitting there,” Sergeant Blaine told the press packare permitted with a limit of 10 people (including household gatherings)., joking he was “about ready to go to sleep” after working through the night.

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