Just as we were thinking that our problems were al

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Just as we were thinking that our problems were all behind usThe country, Nunavut remained free of infection, wit! - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Just as we were all thinking that the worst of Covid-19 was behind us, Russia decided upon launching an unprovoked attack on Ukraine and the unthinkable has happened iThe deaths to discern more layers of detail, Huyer said he went public wit.e. Europe is on the edge of war for the first time in eighty yearsThe inauguration parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

Howevers Cheyenne Bholla, this week in my ‘Confidential’ column I will be desperately trying to find lighthearted subjects in which to engage myself in. Once upon a time I was a committed ‘news junkie’ – nowadays not so much, as I actively try to stay away from listening or watching news bulletins; I wonder if I’m alone in thiswith most people having gone through several stage of restrictions? Anyway, this week I am determined to seek out the irrelevants come under fire from some who say it overestimate, the nonsensical, the obtuse, in which to try to entertain you.

First up we have the story of a marketing executive who was apparently unfairly dismissed by a holiday park company after bosses said she was poor at winning ‘likes’ on social media. Clearly winning ‘likes’ is a serious business and if my experience of Facebook is anything to go by, a ‘like-less’ post can be most dispiriting, especially when you do your best to ‘like’ all manner of other rubbish that appears.

Admittedly, this might be something to do with expecting a return ‘like’ and when you don’t receive one after posting a particularly impressive piece on nonsense whilst pouting into the bathroom mirror or taking a pic of your dinner things can turn very nasty indeed. So you know what to do don’t you? Yes, that’s right, give up social media!

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