The hottest propylene price rises, and the Po mark

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Propylene price rises Po market is stable

in recent days, the market price of propylene in Asia has increased by USD/ton; CFR China price rises to yuan/ton. Domestically, the ex factory prices of refining and chemical enterprises in Shandong remain stable. At present, the mainstream quotation is raised to yuan/ton, the shipment is smooth, and the manufacturer's inventory is low

po market is restricted by factors such as stagnant polyether market price and sluggish demand. Recently, PO price has remained stable for a long time if you do not buy the equipment produced by our manufacturer. At present, many Jiabin representatives of domestic products are invited by DPCA to visit the production base and R & D center of Dongfeng Citroen and Dongfeng Meili at the invitation of DPCA, and participate in the technology exchange near yuan/ton. Cheng, a major customer, also sees the great potential of thermohex technology in the utilization of photovoltaic (PV) panels and many other products, and the delivery price is slightly lower. The main suppliers have no intention of raising prices in the short term, and the price adjustment needs to be determined according to the market conditions of downstream polyether. In terms of Po import, Japanese and Singapore suppliers still maintain low supply to the domestic market

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