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Looking forward to the future of water-based coatings

looking forward to the future of water-based coatings

July 23, 2014

[China coating information] after nearly 30 years of development of China's coating industry, Fujian Dexian chemical's main series of products, such as water-based wood paint, water-based UV paint, water-based interior and exterior wall paint, colorful paint, stone paint, have been developed for more than ten years since 1998. The author believes that, In the future, the competition trend of paint market is still the competition between water-based paint and oil-based paint for market dominance

in 2009, the "sleeping" water-based wood paint was activated step by step. Some enterprises committed to water-based paint invested unprecedented enthusiasm and development efforts. The rise of water-based paint has become a highlight of the entire paint market. Up to now, the development of Fujian Dexian chemical water-based series paint is not a simple task. Although it has gone through hardships, the author believes that with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, and the stability of water-based paint technology and performance of various manufacturers, the proportion of water-based series paint will gradually increase. So how to grasp the future development direction of water-based paint? Now let's talk about my personal views

in recent years, it is an indisputable fact that the development and market share of water-based coatings have increased year by year, and there is a trend to speed up. It can be said that China's water-based paint market is a market with great potential and yet to be standardized. This will make the originally strong enterprises stronger, and the weak enterprises or enterprises without industrial support weaker or eliminated by the inferior. At the same time, it will also provide huge business opportunities for enterprises with independent brand technology and in line with the development trend. So how to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition is the primary problem faced by enterprise decision-makers. Enterprises should be bigger and stronger in water-based paint: first, they should face the reality and become bigger and stronger according to their own characteristics and technological advantages. Second, we should correctly grasp the market development prospect and direction, develop and expand

I. enterprise characteristics and technical advantages. The characteristics and technical advantages of enterprises are independent brands. When a product is recognized by consumers from research and development to the market, and finally forms a brand, it reflects the technical advantages of enterprises. This is inseparable from the "human" factor - talent. With a good R & D team, enterprises can have good brand products. This requires enterprises to build a reasonable talent structure and realize the coordinated development of talents at multiple levels. We need not only a team of pioneering and enterprising senior management talents who are proficient in operation and management, but also a group of technical business leaders who are skilled in business and have a strong sense of innovation, a team of professional talents with rich practical experience and dedication, but also a group of compound backbone groups who are skilled in technology, skilled in business and understand management. Only by relying on technology can enterprises become bigger and stronger

secondly, we should have our own corporate culture as the support, and the endless corporate culture is the pillar to support the sustainable growth of enterprises. It is an intangible asset with brand effect, with strong vitality and expansion, and will become a key factor determining the rise and fall of enterprises in the 21st century. Although it cannot directly create economic benefits, it can affect production, sales, market and consumption through the management of people, so as to affect the benefits of enterprises and determine the fate and development of enterprises Infinite potential digital display (LCD display of cultural productivity. Excellent corporate culture can make the best combination of various production factors of the enterprise, so as to create the best benefits and promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the enterprise.

Second, correctly grasp the market development prospects and direction of development and growth. As the saying goes, "smart people can understand, smart people can see accurately, and smart people can see far" 。 In the past, the consumption of traditional solvent based coatings is gradually declining. Water based coatings are the main direction of current and future market development. They have a wide variety of varieties, including water-based wood paint, water-based plastic paint, water-based glass paint, water-based interior and exterior wall paint, colorful paint, stone paint and so on. They are developing rapidly, specifically in two aspects:

one is the consumption of manufacturers. In this year's Canton Fair, many European and American orders for children's household products need water-based coatings. Driven by the market and consumption, manufacturers can only take the lead. They occupy the existing production personnel and equipment as well as the technical support of paint suppliers, which is handy to use. In terms of cost performance, through our years of research and development and efforts, it has been very comparable with oil paint. From the perspective of human factors and environmental protection concept, manufacturers can fully accept and use it, which deserves the common attention of the industry. Fujian Dexian Chemical Co., Ltd. has a strong technical advantage foundation in the research and development of water-based paint series coatings for more than ten years. We have excellent technical research on water-based coating products and production process. This fund will obtain industry support and development ability and after-sales service team, and can meet the needs of downstream enterprises in terms of price, cost and technical services. At present, the annual sales volume has increased significantly, and its influence on production customers is getting higher and higher. (if the manufacturer who intends to cooperate, Dexian chemical is very sincere and confident, and will implement the "going out" strategy, face the market, turn potential customers into real customers, and turn real customers into satisfied customers. It will create value for customers, create profits for enterprises, create benefits for society, and achieve the win-win effect)

the second is the amount of home decoration. With the increase of household disposable income, residential consumption is expected to increase and tend to be high-end. Home decoration is a major event in each family's long-term life, and there is a high desire to use low-carbon, environmental friendly water-based paint. Moreover, the attention to quality and brand is much higher than the price. The consumption concept of "only buying right, not expensive" is gradually retreating in the young generation, followed by the consumption concept of "buying health if you want to buy". The current consumption concept of health can prevail. Compared with paint, water-based has this advantage, that is, it is a little expensive. Can no one consume it? Therefore, the environmental protection quality such as water-based paint can help the invisible shortcomings of the product, which shows that the paint has a large growth space, but the market competition is also very fierce, which also requires enterprises to adopt targeted marketing strategies

the potential customers of water-based coatings have a common feature, "the distribution is very scattered, and the procurement is generally decided by the owner, and often guided by the decorators". Secondly, the biggest factor restricting sales is "the limited awareness of water-based coatings among home decoration customers and the limited proficiency of decorators in technological processes". The countermeasures that can be taken are: first, pay attention to the training and introduction of technical talents, enhance the ability of technological research and innovation, and transform traditional industries with new processes to enhance competitiveness. The second is to change the production and operation type into the operation and service type, and focus on cultivating after-sales teams who understand technology, fine technology and heavy service. Third, increase advertising investment, increase coverage, and broaden consumers' awareness and awareness of low-carbon and environmental protection, so as to generate the desire to use. Fourth, strive for breakthroughs in durability, film smoothness, fullness, scratch resistance process, construction process and decorative effect, and continue to develop water-based coatings with high performance to meet some special requirements. Fifth, improve the sales network of the enterprise as soon as possible to quickly gain a foothold in the market

sun Lianying, President of China Paint Industry Association, said at a water-based paint Forum: "although traditional coatings still occupy a large market share, water-based paint is a green industry and the direction of paint development in the future. Today, when the country vigorously advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, water-based paint is speeding up its industrial development. In the next five to eight years, water-based paint will account for more than 50% of the domestic industrial market." After more than 10 years of development, most of the properties of Chinese water-based paint can basically meet the needs of coating. At present, domestic leading enterprises of water-based paint are rising

the author has great confidence and determination to develop water-based paint. As the market development prospect and direction, water-based coatings have changed from the past outlook to today's reality, and the market sales are also increasing year by year, which is worthy of the attention of the industry

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