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Optimistic outlook Sany will accelerate the progress of investment in Brazil

optimistic outlook Sany will accelerate the progress of investment in Brazil

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"our business in Brazil is doing very well now, with sales of nearly 1billion yuan (RMB) a year, and the future prospects are very broad." Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, expressed optimism about the current situation and prospects of Sany's investment in Brazil

"on the whole, we are still very successful in Brazil, and the progress of investment in Brazil will be accelerated in the future." Xiang Wenbo said

at 3 There is air in the oil circuit system of the hydraulic experimental machine. After years of cultivation in Brazil, Sany products have a considerable influence in the local area. According to Sany Brazil, Sany's equipment has participated in the construction of 8 of the 12 stadiums in the construction of the world cup in Brazil, including the semitrailer project. In addition to the sound of electromechanical servo system operation (in a quiet environment), major airports and road transportation projects involving Sany equipment also include Sao Paulo Campinas airport, Sao Paulo guaruros International Airport, Rio International Airport, Brasilia International Airport, Sao Paulo subway, Rio subway, Rio BRT, Sao Paulo Ring Road, etc

Sany plans to invest about US $300million in Brazil to build a factory in zachari City, Sao Paulo, to carry out the R & D, manufacturing and sales of construction machinery and equipment

at present, the first phase of Sany's new plant in zakariy city has been basically completed and will be put into operation in 2015. By 2020, when Sany Brazil plant is put into full production, it will also bring about 1000 local jobs

for Chinese construction machinery manufacturers, including Sany, the "competition" of the 2016 Olympic Games has also begun. 13 Sany equipment have participated in the ongoing Rio Olympic Village project

"at the signing ceremony of President Xi Jinping's visit to Brazil, in addition to Sany Heavy Industry, there were also many enterprises in automotive, telecommunications, banking, Internet and other fields. There is no doubt that more and more Chinese enterprises will enter the Brazilian market in the future." The relevant person in charge of Sany Brazil said

the above person in charge said that Brazil has a stable political situation, its people are enthusiastic and open, and China and Brazil have strong economic complementarity. Brazil has great strategic investment value for Chinese enterprises. However, he also reminded that Chinese enterprises must realize that the two countries have great differences in many aspects, such as tax, legal system and market environment. They must be based on understanding the market, respecting the market, and acting in accordance with the rules of the local market in order to adapt to and operate well in this market

given that Sany has encountered a series of trade frictions in the United States, Xiang Wenbo particularly stressed that investment in emerging markets such as Brazil is "much less risky" than developed countries, because "these developing countries do not strictly have local industrial competitors, so the problem becomes very simple"

"first of all, the products must be excellent in order to avoid investment failure; secondly, we should fully understand the differences in policies, cultures, languages and management methods of the Brazilian market, and constantly adapt to and be prepared for long-term operation. We must understand and accept the local culture, and think and solve problems with the thinking of local people." The person in charge of Sany Brazil's export proportion to emerging countries will also be greatly increased

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