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Propylene raw material resources are scarce, and the phenol market may be blocked.

people in the chemical industry are not unfamiliar with phenol, a chemical raw material product. Phenol is mainly used to manufacture phenolic resin, bisphenol A and caprolactam. The research and development of its wear-resistant friction tester has been for many years. The production of phenolic resin is its largest use. Phenolic resin is widely used in civil, industrial, aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery, transportation and other fields of the national economy. It is understood that phenolic resin accounts for more than half of the output of phenol. In China, in recent years, with the rapid growth of bisphenol A and phenolic resin, the phenol industry has entered the fast lane of development. In 2005, the phenol industry ushered in an industrial climax

market supply of phenol products

in March, the domestic phenol Market operated smoothly

East China market: the negotiation atmosphere in the phenol Market in East China was light, some traders quoted at yuan/ton, and the actual transaction was about 11800 yuan/ton. The buyer's inquiry intention was more low-cost, the downstream demand was poor, and the market participants watched the manufacturer's device dynamics

central China market: the phenol Market negotiation in Shandong is OK, and the price negotiated by some merchants is about yuan/ton. The downstream demand is weak, the inquiry is general under cautious procurement, and the consumption of polyurethane materials for automobiles is in the climbing stage. The actual market transactions are limited

South China market: the phenol Market in South China is generally light, and the shipments of merchants are general at the beginning of the month. Some traders consult and negotiate at yuan/ton. The construction of downstream manufacturers is still not ideal, the inquiry is limited, and the market negotiation is not much

North China market: the atmosphere of phenol Market negotiation in the surrounding areas of Yanshan is light, and some merchants quote at yuan/ton. Under the poor downstream demand, market transactions are limited. At the beginning of the month, traders have no shipping pressure, and wait and see the market

the domestic phenol market operates smoothly, and the market negotiation atmosphere is acceptable. Downstream workers mainly consume inventory, purchase on demand, and market transactions are rare. At present, the market inventory is large. It is reported that in the week of early March, several batches of phenol, tons, were expected to arrive at Zhangjia port in Jiangsu Province, both in ocean and near sea

in April, the phenol market was in a difficult situation of upward and downward

recently, the phenol market has been in a difficult situation of upward and downward consolidation. As the current price is not low, businesses are more wait-and-see attitude towards the future market. After the joint rise of Gaoqiao and Yanshan manufacturers, the market is still rising slowly, and some businesses do not have a strong sense of direction. On April 2, the phenol Market in East China was stable, with the reference price of 12100 ~ 12300 yuan (ton price, the same below); The phenol Market in South China is stable, and the reference negotiated price is 12100 ~ 12200 yuan; The phenol market around Yanshan in North China is stable, and the reference price is 11950 ~ 12000 yuan. Phenol prices showed an upward trend at the end of April

at present, the phenol Market is mostly favorable: first, the high-level consolidation of crude oil, the price of pure benzene in the upstream of phenol increased by 300 yuan (ton price, the same below), and 7800 yuan was implemented; Second, the price of downstream bisphenol A was raised to 15500 yuan; Third, the 60000 ton unit in the old area of Gaoqiao Petrochemical will be shut down for maintenance from March 31, and it is planned to be sold in about 10 days. Yanshan manufacturer will limit sales, and Tianjin Petrochemical will delay the start-up time; Fourth, due to the shutdown and overhaul of LG phenol ketone plant in South Korea and the shutdown and overhaul of phenol ketone plant in Chiba, Mitsui in Japan, there are not many imported goods recently. Supported by many good news, the phenol market rose smoothly

it is worth noting that the current social inventory is still high, which is also the main reason for the small supply of imports in April. In addition, at present, phenol is at a high price, and the downstream is hesitant under the conditions of general operating load and difficult cost transfer. Most of the inventory is in the early stage of consumption, and most of the market inquiries are second-hand merchants

recently, the phenol Market is in a tepid situation. Most of the market believe that the future market will be stable and upward under the condition that the market is mostly positive. Although social inventory is the main reason to suppress the upward price, with the gradual recovery of downstream construction and the existence of many positive factors, the phenol Market in the later stage is still worth looking forward to

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