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Attractive prospects the rapid spread of the automotive industry

attractive prospects the rapid spread of the automotive industry

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original title: attractive prospects the rapid spread of the automotive industry

in 1886, Carl Benz brought the automobile to the world stage. As a new and complex product, the attractive prospects of the automobile gradually attracted the attention of industrial manufacturers

in the more than ten years from 1886 to 1901, Germany grew out of nothing. In a short time, it had 12 automobile manufacturers with an annual output of 884 vehicles. However, although the explorative German invented the car, the center of the world automobile industry was in France at that time

the French, who have romantic feelings to improve production efficiency, are in a hurry to new things. However, with the improvement of RTM and SMC molding technology, the birth of cars is a new thing for them, so they are very popular with cars. At that time, many inventors with attainments in car discovery would go to France to develop

in June 1895, after the completion of the automobile manufacturing of Senator Ellis, he passed various tests on the streets of Paris. After returning to Britain, it became a historic event, because he was the first person to drive a car in Britain. He waited in Paris for a full year for the arrival of this day. At that time, no one realized that it was also a good opportunity. This exquisite, mechanical miracle would create amazing wealth for the world

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