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Schneider Electric released a new I

on May 31, 2018, Hangzhou, China, recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, launched a new i-line h high current bus duct at the 2018 Innovation Summit. Inheriting the reliable performance of the i-line series bus duct in the past 20 years, the new i-line h high current bus duct defines the new industrial bus standard for the first time by virtue of its unique design of safe no-load hot plug, extreme anti-interference and zero breakpoint ground wire, which helps customers in industrial plants, data centers, commercial construction and other fields to create a more safe and reliable key power system and ensure the continuous stability of power supply

the new i-line h high current bus duct was officially released

with the development of the times, various industries have put forward higher requirements for power supply continuity. As the main medium for collecting, distributing and transmitting electric energy, bus duct often needs to deal with harsh installation and use environment. According to statistics, 80% of bus service scenarios require hot plug operation, 10% of insulation faults are caused by accidental water ingress from the bus, and 30% of traditional aluminum shell buses have hidden dangers of ground wire discontinuity. Therefore, using industrial bus duct with higher fault tolerance level will become an effective way for enterprises to prevent potential risks, optimize operation and maintenance, and reduce energy consumption and cost

for a long time, Schneider Electric, with its leading technology and advanced manufacturing process, has provided customers with overall solutions from bus duct design consulting to on-site measurement, installation guidance, product maintenance, etc. The new i-line h high current bus duct released this time improves the reliability performance at the same time again, and comprehensively introduces the three selected standard innovative design concepts of safe no-load hot plug, extreme protection and zero breakpoint ground wire. It has super fault tolerance and will create greater value for customers:

reliable use: full length silver plating, and high-quality copper conductor insulation material, which can withstand 1 hour fire sprinkler; The innovative zero breakpoint ground wire design ensures personal safety to the greatest extent

easy operation and maintenance: Schneider Electric's unique distributed accurate temperature measurement scheme can realize full-length fault location, provide system level insulation monitoring scheme, effectively carry out accident early warning, and realize active operation and maintenance

flexible expansion: plug and play plug-in interface and plug-in box design, flexible power supply; It has the industry's first plug-in mechanism that supports no-load hot plug, realizing maintenance and expansion without power failure

Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of partner business unit in China (left), and nadege Petit, executive vice president of Schneider Electric and head of partner business unit (right), delivered a speech at the meeting

in addition to the high guarantee of product quality, Schneider Electric also pays attention to the cultivation of local R & D forces and has formulated the strategy of "China for China" in China, In order to further shorten the cycle from product research and development to market, and customize more competitive high-quality products for Chinese customers. The launch of the new i-line h high current bus duct is a successful practice of this strategy. In this regard, zhuwenqin, vice president of the marketing department of Schneider Electric's cooperation business China business division, said: Schneider Electric has never stopped its R & D investment in the Chinese market, of which the base focusing on the R & D and production of bus duct has been established for more than 20 years, and it is a rare bus factory with overall investment and overall management in China. The new i-line h high current bus duct released this time is also the first product of Schneider Electric to realize local research and development and local production. Its three innovative technologies will improve the fault tolerance of industrial bus to a new level, provide customers with a key power system that can operate safely and reliably in all kinds of harsh environments, and help customers better cope with future challenges

i-line h high current bus duct has attracted a lot of attention

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