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Schneider Electric released Wonderware alarm adviser software

Schneider Electric released a new alarm analysis software to help analyze the most important alarms in SCADA and HMI systems in the industrial field, eliminate nuisance alarms, and improve the operator's ability to manage alarms

in Beijing, on April 13, 2015, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, released Wonderware alarm adviser software, which cooperates with industry-leading Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware system platform, vijeo Citect and clearscada software products. Based on the practical standard of alarm management in the industrial field, Wonderware alarm adviser is an interactive application based on Web, which is used to carry out visual analysis of historical alarm data into the traditional material development method, mainly trial and error method. It enables engineers to view the alarm activity data within a specified period of time, quickly analyze the impact of alarms on operations, and identify nuisance alarm information that may cause interference to operators

alarm adviser software can help reduce nuisance alarms and automatically identify the most important alarm data from a large number of alarm information, so as to help engineers find out the root cause of system abnormalities. The customizable dashboard provided by the alarm adviser software provides a series of configurable components that allow users to set KPI indicators, compare recent and past performance, and track the improvement of the system. The software helps users filter and review alarms according to alarm priority, duration, alarm category, frequency of occurrence and equipment management area. It can seamlessly connect with Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware system platform, vijeo Citect, clearscada and other software products to obtain the alarm data of these systems

Mr. Xu Zhe, software director of Schneider Electric Global Solutions Division, said: in modern control rooms, each operator receives more than 1000 alarms every day, which is far beyond the limits of industry norms. Especially in the stage of unstable system operation, excessive alarm will distract or confuse the attention of operators, resulting in delayed response or misjudgment of operation, which will increase the risk of serious accidents and affect the safety of personnel and equipment. Alarm adviser is an advanced, web-based tool. The software optimizes the existing alarm system, identifies and rationalizes nuisance alarms, and reduces the workload of operators. The software helps to improve operators' understanding of the system, improve productivity, and minimize the risk of accidental downtime and equipment damage

alarm adviser software provides the analysis function of alarm data correlation, which greatly improves the ability of engineers to find the root of problems; Especially when the system generates a large amount of alarm information, it is of great value to discover the hidden dangers of the system in time

the software is compatible with tablet computers, so that factory engineers, operators and managers can view alarm indicators at almost any place at any time. The alarm adviser software supports HTML5 technology, and users can access the software on devices or operating systems that support this technology; The software supports an unlimited number of analysis clients, so that users can freely use the software on as many devices as possible. In addition to hmi/scada and alarm management software, Schneider Electric also provides alarm management consulting and support services worldwide

As a part of Wonderware and Schneider Electric ecosystem, alarm adviser can be seamlessly connected to Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware system platform, vijeo Citect, clearscada and other software products

for more information about Wonderware alarm adviser, please log in. For materials with an elongation of more than 1000%, you can choose journey 1000 or 1200mmnd supervision control/alarm adviser/

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