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Schneider Electric: provide strong support for the high-end transformation of the Yangtze River shipbuilding industry

the 13th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for China to build a strong shipbuilding country. Made in China 2025 has accelerated the promotion of marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships as one of the ten key development areas, pointing out the direction for the development of marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships in China. With the increasing demand of the market and shipowners for realizing green energy conservation, optimizing operation and improving the added value of high-tech ships, how to build green energy-saving ships with high-tech content is the direction that all ship enterprises at a low point need to work hard

as China's largest private shipyard and the largest ship enterprise with the largest number of orders, Yangzi River shipbuilding industry is actively facing these challenges, taking the initiative to reform and innovate, transforming to a high-end, green and intelligent shipyard, and shouldering the burden of leading the shipbuilding industry forward. In this process, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, has provided strong support for it with its overall shipbuilding solutions and related analysis services based on ecostruxure architecture and platform

it is imperative to press the "tighten" button on the control box to upgrade the shipbuilding industry.

thanks to the strategic opportunities of reform and opening up and the the Belt and Road, China's shipbuilding industry has achieved sustainable development and ushered in more new opportunities. Its share in the global new ship market is rising, and its position is also steadily improving. It has occupied the second place in the global shipbuilding industry for a long time, and has a relatively large competitive advantage compared with Japan and South Korea, There is a lot of room for development

but at the same time, due to the weak recovery of the world economy, a large number of speculative funds entered the ship market, the cyclical law of the ship industry was broken, the shipping industry continued to be depressed, the shipbuilding power of ship owners was weakened, and the number of new orders fell sharply. The shipbuilding industry is facing unprecedented difficulties in order taking, ship delivery, and financing. Researchers are adding another high-molecular material polyvinyl alcohol to plant cellulose nanocrystals, which is difficult to make profits, The phenomenon of difficult survival will exist for a long time. In China, behind the decline of new orders, on the one hand, there is overcapacity in the middle and low-end of China's shipbuilding industry, fierce competition at home and abroad, on the other hand, there is insufficient supply of high-end products, and prominent structural contradictions. These factors have brought a very adverse impact and impact to China's shipping and shipbuilding industry

as the largest private shipyard in China and the largest ship enterprise with the largest number of orders, Yangzi River shipbuilding believes that in order to achieve the strategic goal of building a maritime power, China's shipbuilding industry must realize the upgrading and adjustment of industrial structure, and the company will take the lead to implement the capacity reduction to the end, and realize the transformation and upgrading of the industry through innovative products and technologies. LV Jianwei, deputy general manager of Yangzi River shipbuilding group, added: in the current downturn of the shipbuilding industry, Yangzi River shipbuilding has set three major goals. First, we must survive. Second, we must live well. Third, we must live stronger

to this end, Yangtze River shipbuilding began to turn its attention to excellent overall solutions for shipbuilding and related service providers, hoping to lead the development of China's shipbuilding industry through joint efforts of both parties

choice of ocean Rolls Royce

this eight 3800teu reefer container ship project, which is owned by Hamburg South (4), Germany Peter Doyle (2) and Greece gaoshimai ship management (2), is an important practice for the Yangtze River shipbuilding industry to move towards high-end shipbuilding

3800teu container ship has a number of refrigerated containers of 10000 container ships, which meets the classification requirements of ircc-sp. with the application of ship intelligence technology, it can be called Rolls Royce among medium-sized container ships. As a new Panamax super high-end refrigerated container ship, the 3800teu container ship can be equipped with 870feu+130teu refrigerated containers, and the total power capacity of the generator reaches 16mw, exceeding the level of 10000 container ships. This means that its power distribution system will be very complex, and the distribution scheme layout of the whole ship must fully consider the possibility of all cargo holds and deck refrigerated containers of the whole ship. As the project requires that all fans in the engine room and cargo compartment adopt frequency conversion control scheme, the number of frequency converters has a very high requirement on the installation ambient temperature. In addition, the ability of intelligent monitoring system and harmonic processing has become an important consideration for the Yangtze River shipbuilding industry when choosing partners

in the project, the shipowner put forward a new control concept and requirements for cargo tank frequency conversion. All systems accurately control the cargo tank frequency conversion system and control concept according to the location information of refrigerated containers. The cargo tank frequency conversion system and control concept are the first in the shipbuilding industry. The workload of system software programming and early preparation is very large. In addition, based on the existing refrigeration distribution power monitoring system and cargo tank frequency conversion system control, the shipowner also puts forward the requirements for the best power control. This energy-saving control concept is also the first in the shipbuilding industry, which requires big data acquisition support and very complex software programming analysis

after strict technical investigation and trust, Yangzi River shipbuilding finally chose Schneider Electric as its partner

Lu Jianwei said: on the one hand, Yangzi River shipbuilding industry has a deep source of cooperation with Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric supplies low-voltage distribution boards and distribution boxes in many projects of the company. On the other hand, several main control systems of the 3800te small and medium-sized container ship project signed this time are the first in the shipbuilding industry, and the technology is very difficult. Schneider Electric has a history of more than 90 years in the field of global maritime business, and can provide a complete set of solutions for ship manufacturing, such as design concepts, design consultants, design coordination of the entire energy management system, product supply, production and project management, as well as after-sales service during ship operation. We believe that Schneider Electric can bring them more forward-looking and customized technologies and services with its experience and advantages accumulated in the maritime field of various countries around the world for many years

in order to successfully complete the project, Schneider Electric adopted regular meetings to timely inform each other of the needs raised by the ship owner and peripheral equipment manufacturers, and appointed a supervisor with strong professional ability to serve as the project manager of the project, laying a foundation for problem handling and timely communication. Finally, with its rich experience in the field of power distribution, the ability to tackle key technical problems, as well as the advantages of green energy conservation and digital upgrading, Schneider Electric broke through the technical bottleneck of 3800teu container ships, and its cooperation with Yangtze River shipbuilding industry was very smooth, and was favored by ship owners

ecostruxure provides solid support

Schneider Electric ecostruxure power distribution is a great contributor to the 3800teu container ship project

3. Rockwell hardness (HR) based on this platform, Schneider Electric provided the 3800teu container ship project with an overall solution for ship manufacturing, including power distribution equipment, frequency conversion automatic control system and power quality management system, as well as relevant expert services, which provided strong support for the Yangtze River shipbuilding industry in structural capacity reduction, building environment-friendly green ships, and transforming to high-end intelligent ship manufacturing

Duxiaoliang, the technical director of the 3800teu project of Yangtze River shipbuilding, introduced that Schneider Electric has equipped the 3800teu container ship with a frequency conversion system for engine room seawater and engine room fan. This system can automatically adjust the seawater and power according to the seawater temperature and the working state of the main engine/auxiliary engine. Compared with the conventional control system, the annual cumulative energy consumption can be saved by 30-40%

in order to achieve the best power control of the project, Schneider Electric is also equipped with a cargo tank fan frequency conversion system and a refrigeration power distribution system. Under the condition of comprehensive power balance and optimal power control, the ambient temperature around the cold box can be automatically controlled according to the external ambient temperature and the loading condition of the reefer container, so as to achieve energy-saving effect. Compared with the conventional system, the annual cumulative energy consumption can be saved by 30%

aiming at the harmonic problem, Schneider Electric adopts the central active filter treatment scheme, which fully considers the distribution status of the left and right sections of the distribution board, and carries out full-automatic harmonic treatment according to various complex working conditions, improving the stability and safety of the system. After the trial voyage, when all frequency converters are turned on, the frequency conversion power has reached 1415 kW, and the total harmonic quantity is controlled within 3%, while the specification requirement is 8%, which is gratifying

in the current development direction of smart ships and green ships, the electrical system of the 3800teu container ship project has created two world shipbuilding industry firsts, namely, the refrigeration power distribution power monitoring system and the cargo tank frequency conversion system for the best control of control power. These two initiatives can save fuel for ship operation very well and intuitively, reduce the pollution of carbon dioxide and sulfide to the environment, and save objective costs for ship owners, which will have a far-reaching impact on refrigerated container ships in the future

in addition, Schneider Electric's 7-day, 24-hour service network all over the world can also solve the worries of ship owners about repair and maintenance

when the shipbuilding market encounters an economic winter, the cooperation between Yangtze River shipbuilding and Schneider Electric is undoubtedly a warm current in the industry. With the help of Schneider Electric's expertise in energy efficiency management and automation, the ships delivered by Yangtze River shipbuilding industry have significantly improved in terms of energy efficiency, power safety and reliability, and improving digital operation management, which not only promoted the pace of enterprises towards high-end shipbuilding, but also led the industry to transform to low-carbon and environmental friendly green modern shipbuilding, attracting more high-quality customers and meeting the innovative needs of the market. Through long-term strategic cooperation, the two sides have achieved win-win results in helping China's shipbuilding industry realize intelligent manufacturing, and also added a warmth to the development of the shipping market, so that employees, shipowners and more people can enjoy the beautiful and convenient life brought by green intelligent ships

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