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Schneider Electric PRISMA series reshipment release

- promote the standardized application of intelligent low-voltage distribution complete systems

Beijing, July 31, 2018/AP/-- recently, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation grandly held the 2018 PRISMA series product partner salon in Beijing, and heavily released the new PRISMA series low-voltage intelligent distribution complete equipment. This series includes PRISMA IPM and PRISMA industrial training service platforms and public service platforms with fully standardized design. Based on the people-oriented theme, e-products will further help promote the standardized application of complete sets of distribution equipment, and have intelligent experience at the same time, in order to achieve a win-win situation with partners through a better cooperation mode

the 2018 PRISMA series product partner salon was grandly held

over the years, due to the serious problem of "non-standard" distribution products and the uneven quality of products, it has been difficult to build a safe and stable distribution system. At the same time, the deep application of digital technology also makes it possible to further improve the flexibility and efficiency of the distribution system

from 1998 to 2018, as a leader in the field of low-voltage power distribution, the PRISMA P series, which launched the classic PRISMA P series worldwide, launched the PRISMA IPM series that pioneered the standardized application of distribution electricity for the first time, and --------- The PRISMA series, which started from Professor Liu Chuntai/Executive Deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for rubber and plastic molds of Zhengzhou University, has a deep understanding of the needs of the industry and continues to serve data centers, commercial buildings, industries Customers in the field of infrastructure provide safe, reliable, flexible and efficient standardized products and solutions for power distribution, and ensure the safety of the system and end users with strict authorization and quality management processes, advanced active protection concepts and reliable product performance. The embedded power tag intelligent radio energy measurement module can form an end-to-end radio energy measurement solution. The edge control and analysis services based on ecostruxure power architecture can ensure the efficiency and flexibility of the operation system in an all-round way

two major products of the new PRISMA series: PRISMA IPM (left) and PRISMA e (right)

as the "elder" of PRISMA series, Prisma IPM still has "beauty" and "talent" while launching a new drawing authorization mode to bring updated cooperation experience to partners:

two-color appearance, simple and elegant, optional glass doors, and internal switches at a glance

professional modular design, embedded with unique multiclip power distribution accessories, support hot plug, safe, efficient and flexible expansion

carefully designed, obtained cqcasefa authoritative certification and passed many iccip tests

realize minimalist selection through intelligent tools

the upcoming PRISMA series "new member" PRISMA e is completely developed and designed by local teams, which perfectly meets the needs of local customers and is also "internal and external":

simple and generous cabinet door beveled design and unique crescent black door lock

launch the anti-counterfeiting system for the first time to ensure the interests and security of end users and partners

active safety and passive safety design, double guarantee; Multiple verification ensures safety

a minimalist selection tool to realize building block and modular selection

in addition to creating a safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient distribution and electrolysis solution, it also continues to be committed to building a low-voltage distribution cooperation ecosystem. With its excellent industrial application ability, it will work with partners to build an intelligent distribution system for the future. During the activity, Kang Meili, senior manager of low voltage complete set marketing department of China business division of cooperative business, said: "Promoting the standardized application of the complete distribution system is an effective way to realize the safety, reliability, flexibility and efficiency of the distribution system, and it is also the significance of creating and innovating PRISMA series. In the process of promoting the standardization practice, we should continue to have an insight into the needs of customers, take quality as the 'soul', and create a safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient distribution electrolysis solution; take cooperation as the 'basis', and work with partners to build a green ecosystem of low-voltage distribution and introduce Lead a new journey in the industry! "

Kang Meili, senior manager of low voltage complete set Market Department of Schneider Electric cooperation business China business division, Changzhou, China, August 1, 2018/AP/-- on July 31, Trina Solar Co., Ltd. announced that it would supply 258 MW perc single crystal double glass power generation modules for the largest local private photovoltaic project in Vietnam. The power station is located in panlang tazhan City, the capital of Vietnam's Nanning Shun Province, and the investor is the famous Vietnamese investment enterprise Trung Nam group

the whole power station covers an area of 3960 mu, with a total investment of about 1.45 billion yuan. The project not only has a huge demand for photovoltaic products, but also is Vietnam's first wind and solar combined power generation project, which is of great significance to Vietnam's renewable energy transformation. As a component supplier, Trinasolar's emergence also shows that the company is recognized for its core competitiveness in product quality, supply chain management and the Asia Pacific market

Trinasolar perc single crystal double glass power generation module selected by the power station, combined with high-efficiency double-sided battery and double glass structure, can significantly increase the power generation of the module and save BOS and labor costs. In addition, the gain of back conversion efficiency of perc single crystal double glass power generation module can reach up to 25%. The project is scheduled to be completed before June 30, 2019

At the signing ceremony, the head of Trung Nam group said that as the first photovoltaic power generation project invested by the group, Trung Nam was particularly cautious about the selection of suppliers, and its partners were at the top level in the industry in terms of technology, products and raw materials

Yin Rongfang, vice president and head of global sales & marketing of Trinasolar, said: "It is a great honor to join hands with Vietnam Trung Nam company to participate in this benchmarking Vietnam comprehensive renewable power generation project. Choosing the right manufacturer can better serve you. It marks another important step for Trinasolar in emerging markets. We are very familiar with the Vietnamese market. We not only have a 1 gigawatt battery production base, but also have many new projects under follow-up."

he said that in the future, Vietnam will see more products with the brand of "Trinasolar manufacturing", which will also add a lot to Trinasolar's sales in the Asia Pacific region

Yin Rongfang also said that as the world's top component manufacturer, Trinasolar has established a strong overseas sales and operation team, and its products are sold in more than 100 countries in the world. By the end of 2017, the cumulative total shipment exceeded 32 gigawatts, ranking first in the world

in 2017, Trinasolar's global shipments reached more than 9 gigawatts, and more than 60% came from overseas markets. "This year, in addition to the continued growth of sales in traditional markets such as Europe, our products have also been very popular in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific and other places, showing a strong development trend. Emerging markets have received frequent good news, and orders on hand have significantly exceeded expectations." In the third quarter of this year, Trinasolar components continued to sell well all over the world. At present, all production bases at home and abroad are in full production. The supply of products exceeds the demand, and efforts are being made to improve the supply capacity

although the new policy of "5 this mixture is highly resistant to the typical medium used in automobiles 31" has reduced the demand for household photovoltaic and ground power stations in China, due to Trinasolar's globalization strategy, long-term overseas strategic implementation ability, and the implementation of the two-way balance strategy between traditional and emerging markets, the company can better control risks, It can not only reduce the impact of the new deal in the local market and the trade war in relevant countries, but also continue to play a strong manufacturing and market development capacity, realize the benefits of various value chains, especially foreign emerging markets and overseas supply chains, and constantly improve global competitiveness

source: Trinasolar Co., Ltd.

Beijing, July 31, 2018/AP/-- recently, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation announced that by providing complete integrated solutions for medium and low voltage and key power supplies for Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Jiaodong airport"), combined with full life cycle digital services, Work together with partners to build a stable and reliable distribution system, help customers achieve high-level power supply continuity, optimize operations, and create a safe and green airport

Schneider Electric helps Jiaodong airport realize uninterrupted and safe operation with new digital technology

according to the prediction of the International Air Transport Association, the number of global air passengers will increase to 7.2 billion by 2035. According to the goal put forward in the 13th five year plan for the development of civil aviation in China, the flight normality rate will strive to reach 80% by 2020. Such strong flight demand and high goal pursuit have caused great pressure on the operation of existing airports, Using new technologies such as digitalization to ensure the uninterrupted and safe operation of the airport has become the primary task

Jiaodong airport was included in the national plan at the beginning of construction, striving to become a 4f "domestic first-class and world-class regional hub airport". The second phase terminal of the new airport will cover a total area of 700000 square meters, with a total investment of 44.3 billion yuan. After completion, it will realize "zero transfer" of high-speed rail, subway, highway and aircraft, and build an all-round comprehensive transportation hub. Therefore, Qingdao airport group puts forward extremely high requirements for the distribution system to ensure high-level power supply continuity with the stability of the whole life cycle system

with its strong brand influence, complete product line and rich industry practice experience, Schneider Electric has won the initial trust of customers. On this basis, through close communication with many parties including Qingdao airport group, it further clarified its needs, and finally successfully reached cooperation with a highly responsive solution. Based on ecostruxure architecture and platform, Schneider Electric provides Jiaodong airport with a complete integrated solution of medium and low voltage and key power supply, including medium and low voltage distribution system composed of high-cost and high-quality BLOKSET low-voltage intelligent distribution cabinet, new mvnex medium voltage cabinet and other equipment, machine room system composed of column cabinet, precision distribution cabinet, ups and precision air conditioning, as well as three boxes, box transformer and other equipment jointly provided with partners, Build a high standard power distribution system for Jiaodong airport to fully ensure the 7 * 24-hour power supply continuity

in addition, through the deployment of low-energy precision air conditioners, 30% of the energy-saving effect can be achieved, thus forming a cost reduction and efficiency increase from capital investment to operation investment stage. Schneider Electric's high-quality products and localized professional services provided by its partners have been greatly recognized by customers. With the system officially put into use, Jiaodong airport will also become the key to Qingdao's construction of an air transportation network extending in all directions and the formation of an integrated land and air transportation system

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