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Schneider Electric officially released a new generation of netbotz monitoring and management system

- escort the security of edge data centers

the combination of video capture and cabinet access control can help enterprises and it managers protect the compliance and security of edge data centers

only the expansion of security and environmental monitoring downstream of a single IP address reduces complexity and accelerates installation speed

Beijing March 12, 2019 --

global energy efficiency Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of management and automation, grandly released the new generation of netbotz ® Monitoring management system. The new netbotz monitoring and management system will bring a new monitoring, management and control solution to the entire IT industry. Netbotz rack mount monitor 750 (nbrk0750) and netbotz camera 165 (nbpd0165) are now available, and netbotz wall mount monitor 755 will be available this summer

Schneider Electric officially released the new generation of netbotz monitoring and management system

Schneider Electric launched the new generation of netbotz, which has a powerful new software platform and simplified sensor management. As a popular defense against it downtime, most of the first line of defense in the market is made of plastic --

the new generation of netbotz is like the "third eye" in the dark, constantly monitoring the security of the data center to prevent risks. In recent years, driven by billions of IOT devices and 5g networks, computing workloads have continued to migrate: first from local data centers to the cloud, and now increasingly from cloud data centers to "edge" locations closer to the data sources being actively explored and processed. However, the growth of edge computing is pushing key IT equipment to non-traditional sites, which are usually environments with poor environment, high traffic and lack of data center level security. This increases the risk of downtime of business critical applications caused by water leakage, high temperature, high humidity, fire or other factors

Schneider Electric officially released a new generation of netbotz monitoring and management system

netbotz monitor 750 is an active monitoring solution designed to prevent environmental threats and unauthorized cabinet access risks that may lead to downtime of IT infrastructure in edge networks and data center environments. With its integrated sensor kit, cabinet access control box and new 165 HD camera, netbotz750 provides protection for the facility environment by monitoring and flexible alarm based on user-defined thresholds. As ecostruxure ™ With a full lifecycle platform ready device, the new generation of netbotz can centrally manage alerts and sensor data from multiple monitoring units on the cloud based DCIM platform ecostruxure


according to infonetics

research, enterprises and organizations lose nearly $100million annually due to system downtime. Accidents such as intentional intrusion or malicious access not only threaten the availability of the system, but also may cause enterprises to suffer costly violations. How to reduce the risk of business downtime and ensure the normal operation of edge computing has become an important topic of current concern

this research can be found in the latest edition of the Journal of 3D printing and additive manufacturing. "Today, with the increasingly complete it equipment, people tend to ignore the important impact of the environment on the equipment," said ron

catanzaro, vice president of Schneider electric cabinet level system and netbotz department. "With the popularity of edge networks, it equipment is often deployed to unconventional environments with high traffic and unpredictable, so it is very important to introduce technologies such as sensing, monitoring and cabinet access rights management. The new generation of netbotz is the only choice for it equipment to ensure security in a highly specialized environment."

based on the first-class security and environmental monitoring of the current netbotz product suite, the functions of the next generation product series include:

integrated monitoring, sensing and cabinet access control, which requires only one IP address, simplifying management and accelerating installation speed

the new high-resolution camera supporting low illumination enhances the visibility provided by the equipment to alleviate various security threats suffered by edge data centers

video capture based on detection activities (such as opening the cabinet door) and alarm is prone to damage, which reduces the difficulty of monitoring video management

the combination of cabinet access control and monitoring capture provides a powerful tracking ability to help enterprises maintain compliance with various data standard institutions

native support for wireless sensors accelerates installation and eliminates the rigid cabling infrastructure typically required for environmental monitoring

at the same time, the new generation of netbotz introduces a powerful page user management platform, supports low illumination HD cameras, and can be widely monitored with only one IP. Therefore, in the single rack edge network or large data center, the new generation of netbotz can be used as a first-class IT environment protection scheme

the release of this product greatly simplifies the netbotz product portfolio and the product itself, and also sounded the horn of Schneider Electric's innovation and struggle in 2019. In addition, netbotz wall mounted monitor 755 will be officially introduced to you this summer. Please pay attention

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