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Schneider Electric Modicon m340 PLC CPU upgrade

after the introduction of 8 new modules in June 2008, Schneider Modicon m340 series PLC officially launched a high-performance CPU again on September 1, 2008, as well as new modules and special functions such as expansion rack, PTO pulse output shaft control module, etc. Since then, modionm340, as a medium-sized PLC platform with excellent performance, has developed to a new height

add a new high-performance CPU - bmxp3 select electronic universal experimental machine model technology 42000

high performance 20 * series cpuv2.0 version, 4MB memory, 256Kb user data, support 1024di/o, 256ai/o

with a USB programming port, and can also be connected to GT series touch screen

with a modbusrs232/485 communication port, The maximum transmission rate is 38.2kbps

supported software: unityprov4.0 version or above

large capacity 128MB "plug and play" SD card - bmxrms128mpf

memory card 8MB + file 128MB, which is used to back up user programs and activate the built-in Ethernet web server function (transparentreadyclassb), providing 128M user file storage, Applicable to bmxp342000/2010/2020/2030

New 2-axis PTO pulse shaft control module - bmxmsp0200

2-axis pulse output, maximum output frequency 200kHz, with 4-input discrete input and 2-channel discrete auxiliary output

supported software: unityprov4.0 version or above

CPU version V2.0 version or above

for the application of this module, In unityprov4.0, motionptolibrary adds 6 EF and 1 new DFB

each PTO module occupies 2 special channels, and bmxp341000 Series CPU supports up to 20 special channels. The bmxp3420 * Series CPU supports up to 36 special channels

rack expansion

through the rack expansion module bmxxbe1000 and the expansion cable bmxxbc ××× K connects the two adjacent racks. The rack is divided into 4, 6, 8 and 12 slots, which are optional, according to heshengbao, President and party secretary of the Petrochemical Research Institute

the rack expansion module bmxxbe1000 is installed on the far right side of the rack. No. 1. Install it in strict accordance with the provisions and requirements of the design drawing of the hydraulic universal testing machine to occupy the slot The CPU of bmxp341000 only supports one expansion rack (rack 0-1), bmxp3420 ×× The Series CPU supports up to 3 expansion racks, plus the mainframe rack, a total of four racks (rack 0-3), with a total length of 30m

the software supported by the rack expansion must use unityprov4.0 version or above

modiconm340 programmable controller, which integrates various powerful functions and innovative design, perfectly meets the requirements of complex equipment manufacturers and small and medium-sized projects, and provides the best technology and efficient, flexible and economic solutions for various automation functions. Modiconm340 fully supports the "transparent ready" architecture of industrial and infrastructure automation control systems, and has become the best expansion of modiconpremium and quantum series product lines

powerful modionm340 has excellent computing power, can accurately perform integer or floating-point operations, and can process 7K instructions per millisecond. The CPU has up to 4MB of program space, can process up to 70K instructions, and comes with an 8MB memory card to facilitate program backup. Modicon m340 inherits the advantages and a lot of successful experience of Modicon in counting, position control and loop control, and can effectively and conveniently realize various special application requirements

convenient maintenance modionm340 adopts new memory management and the original "plug and play" SD card, which makes the system upgrade and maintenance more convenient. The application program is stored on the SD card, and the CPU automatically backs up the user data to the internal flash of the CPU when the power is off, so there is no need to use the backup battery. At the same time, modionm340 can also be used as an external storage device, with a capacity of 16MB. Files of any format can be accessed simply through PC or FTP service. The built-in standard page can be used for system diagnosis and parameter adjustment, and the man-machine interface can also be customized, which can be accessed locally or remotely through the browser

the powerful unity software platform with easy work makes modionm340 even more powerful. The programming software of unitypro in Chinese not only provides five IEC programming languages, graphical programming tools, advanced diagnostic tools, etc., but also supports Chinese variable names, which makes you benefit a lot from design to maintenance

modicon m340 communication function is also impressive. In addition to the integrated USB port, the CPU module also has two built-in communication interfaces (CANopen, Ethernet or MODBUS), which are convenient for high-speed connection. In addition, it also provides a full range of remote access services, convenient and absolutely safe access through modem or ADSL, programming, transmission, access to data files, server remote diagnosis, etc

the modiconm340 has a compact structure and flexible installation. It supports 4, 6, 8 and 12 slot racks, with up to 3 expansion racks. The width of 64 channel high-density unit is only 32mm, and a variety of power supplies are available. Each module supports "hot plug" for easy maintenance

stable and reliable, modionm340 can adapt to the most severe industrial environment, and its environmental resistance greatly exceeds the requirements of IEC standards. Comply with ROHS European standards in environmental protection. Moreover, modiconm340 complies with all international and maritime certifications, making it convenient for your equipment to be used in various occasions

from control to management, from monitoring to equipment data acquisition, video cameras and inspectors are outside the safety rope. Modiconm340 can truly realize the collaborative work with all Schneider Electric automation products. Through Ethernet, CANopen bus and MODBUS bus technology, modionm340 can realize simple and convenient integration with Altivar inverter, lexium and ICIA motion control products, magelis touch screen and industrial computer, vijeocitect configuration and management software, advantysi/o, OIS sensor and safety protection products

with stable and reliable solutions and optimized performance, modionm340 meets the applications of complex machinery and small and medium-sized projects. It is especially suitable for complex equipment such as textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery, plastic and rubber machinery, construction and building materials machinery, lifting machinery, food processing and machine tools. At the same time, it is also widely applicable to the construction of wind power, ships, coal, tap water and sewage treatment, hydropower, tunnels, subways and other infrastructure

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