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Mechanical and electrical installation engineering management and practice simulation problem (II)

22. What does not meet the installation requirements of fire alarm controller is ()

a. the fire alarm controller can be installed at the corresponding height on the wall

b. there must be an obstacle free operation space within the installation distance of the controller

c. when it is necessary to maintain from the back, there should be enough maintenance space at the back

d. the front operation space of the controller should be based on the standard that the repairman can stand

23. What does not belong to the linkage commissioning of fire control equipment is ()

A. field test of fire detector

B. debugging of automatic sprinkler system

C. detection of alarm device

D. moreover, the tightness of installation also requires special attention to the detection of communication equipment

24. What does not belong to the content of fire acceptance is ()

a. building interior decoration materials

b. gas fire extinguishing system

c. fire fighting power supply and its distribution

d. all water facilities

25. It is known that the dynamic load coefficient of the crane is 1.1, the unbalanced load coefficient is 1.15, the weight of the lifting equipment is 8kN, the weight of the cable sling is 0.5kn, and the wind load coefficient is taken as 1.5 after the acceleration of the mold filling process in the six stage wind, Then the calculated load of hoisting machinery is ()





26. When there are many small equipment in large industrial plants and electromechanical equipment in buildings that need to be hoisted to control the movement of beams, the suitable hoisting crane is ()

a. truck crane

B. crawler crane

C. tower crane

d.. Mast crane

27.h80 × 7d indicates that the correct is ()

A. lifting pulley block, the calculated load is 80KN, 7 doors, ring type opening

B. lifting pulley block, the rated load is 80t, 7 doors, ring type closed

C. lifting pulley block, the rated load is 80N, 7 sets, ring type opening

D. lifting pulley block, the calculated load is 80t, 7 sets, Ring type closure

28. What is not the basic parameter of winch ()

a. it focuses on helping entrepreneurs realize the utilization and transformation of products. Rated traction tension

b. wire rope length

c. working speed

d. rope capacity

29. The composition of building equipment monitoring subsystem generally does not include ()

a. central computer system

b. wiring system


d.various sensors and actuators

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