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Fire and explosion prevention safety technology simulation test questions and reference answers

1 The warehouse for storing chemical fibers, woolens and other items belongs to______ Class I fire hazard storage

a. a B. B C. C D

2 The safety accessories of oil tank mainly include breather valve, ____ Flame arrester, drain valve, blowdown valve

a. pressure relief valve B. check valve C. safety valve D. alarm

3 The daily management of LPG pipeline is every______ Check the connector of the pipe once, every______ Check the corrosion of the secondary pipeline

a. year B. month, day C. day, month D. day, year

4 Around the oxygen warehouse______ It is not allowed to stack inflammables and explosives and use open fire within meters

A.200 B.20 C.5 D.10

5. For each batch of barreled oil products, press______ Sampling and testing

A.5% B.10% C.20% D.30%

6. Chimneys of ships transporting inflammable and explosive chemicals shall be equipped with______ Fire extinguishers

a. dry powder B. Mars C. carbon dioxide

7 In order to ensure fire safety, when filling flammable liquids, the container should have reference value for selecting the first cycle stress during fatigue test______ Space

A.1% B.5% C.10% D.15%

8. Which of the following fire extinguishers cannot be equipped in the acetylene cylinder storage room

a. dry powder B. carbon dioxide C we usually draw two lines on the sample (at go) Carbon tetrachloride

9 For _____, There must be good ventilation in the area where flammable liquids are stored and used

a. prevent explosion and fire caused by the accumulation of flammable gas

b. cool flammable liquid

c. maintain the quality of flammable liquid

10 What should be done if the cylinder body has visible protrusions (bulges) defects

a. maintenance treatment B. scrap treatment C. transformation and use

11 According to the combustion characteristics of substances, fires are divided into______ Class

a.2 B.3 C.I. power supply: ∮ 220V 50Hz 4 d.5

12 The fire caused by solid organic matter combustion is______ Class fire


13. The fire caused by the combustion of flammable liquid is______ Class fire


14. The fire caused by gas combustion is______ Class fire


15. The fire caused by light metal combustion is______ Class fire


16. How many years should fire extinguishers be inspected

a. half a year B. one year C. one year and a half D. two years

17 What is the main reason why fires kill people

a. trampled by others B. suffocation C. burns

18 The mixture of combustible gas, steam, dust and air (or combustion supporting gas) must be within a certain concentration range and can explode only when it meets a sufficient ignition source. This explosive concentration range is called the ______

a. explosion limit B. explosion concentration limit C. upper explosion limit D. lower explosion limit

19 When the limit load at the time of damage is controlled between 20~80% of the scale at this level, and hot work is required in the fire forbidden area, a hot work permit must be obtained. During hot work analysis, the interval between sampling and hot work shall not exceed______ Minutes. If the stopping time of hot work exceeds minutes, it must be sampled again for analysis

A.30 30 B.30 60 C.60 30 D.60 60

20. The burning of oil in contact with pure oxygen belongs to ____

a. flashover B. ignition C. self ignition D. heating self ignition

reference answer

1 C 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B

11. C 12. A 13. B 14. C 15. D 16. B 17. B 18. A 19. A 20. C

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